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Jeff Stelling’s amazing reaction to Alan Pardew’s headbutt

by Up Front

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  1. porciestreet says:

    How are Hartlepool doing these days Jeff…..? Call yourself a geordie.? Sensationalist rubbish. As 4 Merson, never has there been such an anti North East pundit ever seen on Sky. Time to get rid.
    Don’t get me wrong, Pards is a complete Dick for his actions and should be sacked for me, but where was the match report on such a good away win. Totally 4gotten about. !!!!

  2. porciestreet says:

    And why was there never any mention of the fact th@ Meyler went right through Pardew to get to the ball 4 the throw-in.He started this whole unsavourly incident and will probably get away with it because people like you made so much of only one side of the argument. I suppose your pleased though as thats how you got your job in the first place.

  3. porciestreet says:

    I used to respect you….. Not any more. Come on the Quakers.!!

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