Is this Mamadou Sakho in Liverpool training gear?

Posted by @_AndyLFC on Twitter, this appears to be Mamadou Sakho having a yawn in a Liverpool jumper.

All going well, Liverpool could unveil him before the Manchester Utd game tomorrow.

We imagine he was watching the Man City v Hull game.


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Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman

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11 thoughts on “Is this Mamadou Sakho in Liverpool training gear?

  1. Think its Aly Cissokho….looks like a number 2 on his top, Cissokho wears 20 for LFC, the 0 could easily be missing in that pic

  2. Im just guessing btw :D Checked online couldnt find anything for Sakho or Cissokho being married, so my wedding ring theory could be rubbish

  3. Sweet….badly need him. Skrtel to Napoli before the window closes, they still havent signed the second center half they were after. FSG will want to keep the books balanced. Oh and i made a 2 out of that coz im creative…

  4. Ilori on Merseyside too, big weekend all round. Now if only we could get a left winger, id rather they had kept Downing if they werent guaranteed to replace him in the same window

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