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Intruder sneaks into Melwood, screams abuse at Steven Gerrard

by Kevin Coleman

Liverpool are reviewing their security around Melwood training ground after a crazed intruder scaled the fence and started shouting abuse at Steven Gerrard.

It is reported that the idiot screamed ‘I know where you live, you p***k’ and ‘I’ll burn your f***ing house down’.

It’s not believed why exactly he targeted Steven Gerrard, but with the likes of Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll gone from the club and Liverpool joint-top of the league he had no right to abuse the Reds’ on-field performances.

Gerrard tried to confront the man but he was dragged away.


(More at Mail Online)

8 Responses

  1. Boys pen says:

    Brave man shouts insults and runs away probably some everton smack head

  2. Bill says:

    Who says he was a Liverpool supporter? Mind you there is one nutter who calls himself Dean Jones , Deano and various other aliases who constantly posts abuse aimed at everyone at the club and other commenter’s.

  3. Obviously NOT a liverpool fan you plonkers.

  4. Jonny Cigs says:

    Well, you did really. The reference to Liverpool’s on-field performances clearly inferred that.

    As my learned colleague above has stated, it was clearly a bluenose smackhead on a bike.

  5. That paragraph was completely tongue in cheek.

    The Daily Mail called him a ‘crazed fan’.

  6. AG says:

    Dikhead bloody asshloe

  7. P.D.OBED says:

    Who the Idiot man shouting to Captain.

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