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We’re heading Down Under for the latest installment of In The Blog as we chat to James from Victory Blog, a website dedicated to Melbourne Victory.

There aren’t any jokes about kangaroos or shrimps on the barbie but have a read anyway and find out a bit about southern hemisphere blogging!

Hi James, thanks for giving up your time for a chat.

Not a problem. Thanks for taking an interest!

You’re a Melbourne Victory blog so how challenging is it to be a club specific site as opposed to if you covered more general football goings on?

In my opinion it’s actually easier than if I was writing about general football topics. I just have the one club to concentrate on rather than trying to pick from the thousands of football stories out there to cover for the site. Plus, Melbourne Victory  are a club I know well which makes it easier too. I think you need to pick your niche and stick to it.

We’re only halfway through what is a horribly long off season for the A-League. Are you running out of things to blog about yet?!

Ha ha! Well it’s actually been quite a busy off season so far for the Victory so I’ve been posting more than I thought I would be. Having said that I’ve recently incorporated my own news feed as well so even when I’m not writing opinion pieces or feature articles there’s always something new on the site.

Do you think blogs in Australia are starting to be taken more seriously or is there still a stigma attached to them in terms of credibility?

I’m aware of a few journalists who do read and take notice of fan blogs, so you could say they are slowly losing that stigma yes. Personally, I’m not using my own blog as a launch pad into journalism but there are a lot of people who are and I think it can be a great way to build up a portfolio of work if you’re looking to get into the industry. If you go about it the right way I think it can be valuable and people will take notice.

Should A-League clubs be actively engaging with bloggers and their sites in the run up to the new season?

Definitely. Fan interaction is so important and I think blogs and fan sites should be included in that. Melbourne Victory are already starting to do that in some ways. Back in April I was lucky enough to get an interview with Victory’s goalkeeper and assistant coach Steve Mautone for my site and it was all thanks to the club, so that engagement is already beginning to develop. Hopefully other A-League clubs can start to do that too.

You’re not far off 900 followers on Twitter. How important has that medium been for spreading the good word of Victoryblog?

It’s been very important actually. If it wasn’t for social networking I don’t know how else I’d get the word out to that very specific target audience. After I launched the site back in April 2010 the next thing I did was create a Twitter account for it! I’m really thankful to my followers with whom I’ve had some fantastic football related conversations and its also an easy way for them to give their feedback which I very much appreciate. Although, I do suspect a chunk of my followers are just bots ha ha!

Thanks and good luck with the site!

No worries! Same to you.

You can also follow Victory Blog on Twitter!

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