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We’ve got something a little different today for In The Blog as we chat to Craig Woods from the very witty The DA blog.

With a tagline that reads ‘Football News Continually Missing the Target’, The DA mixes satire with opinion and is fast becoming one of our favourite must read sites so check it out!

Hi Craig, how’s it all going?

Really good thanks, although having seen that I need to answer more than three interview questions I hope I don’t do an Arsenal and fade away at the end.

Give us a bit of background on The Da. How did it come about?

It actually sprung from one particular article I read a couple of years back, on the BBC if I remember rightly, focusing on Rafa Benitez signing a new Liverpool contract. The journalist writing was clearly a Liverpool fan and was desperately trying to avoid putting down his real opinion about Tom Hicks and George Gillette, although failing miserably in his undertones. I remember thinking to myself, ‘if this guy didn’t have an editor and a contract he’d be tearing them a new one.’ Then I thought to myself ‘I have neither of these things’ (due to my obvious ability to underwhelm editors) so why not say what this guy wanted to and get one over on someone more successful than me?

The site is essentially a piss take, albeit a very good one. What made you decide to go down that particular road in terms of tone?

Being a Wycombe fan I get quite jealous about joining in with pub banter. Usually, once I’ve announced who I support people look at me like I’m a small puppy and spare me from anymore pain. Wycombe have never really irritated anybody, other than the fact we only have one road leading to our ground, which doesn’t really make for very good banter. So using the wonderful thing called the internet I can blend in like a chameleon and get involved with all the joking between rival fans. If anyone gets angry I just tell them I’m a Wycombe fan and they all start trying to give me biscuits and pat my forehead again.

Have you had any comments from people who just don’t get the site and its nature?

Surprisingly not really. I expected daily death threats and smelly, burning packages on my doorstep,  but most people just seem to accept it all in good nature. Funnily enough my one real threat was from a York City fan who said he was going to stab my eyes out. Can’t quite remember why but I’m fairly sure I’ve never really mocked York City. Although admittedly their ground was named after a Kit Kat and their pies are terrible…So it’s a possibility I may have mentioned that somewhere along the line.

We’re fans of the Ed Butler Quote Board, you must be snowed under with material for that one. Also, who is Ed Butler?!

There is nothing better than a funny quote, especially for an editor as it means I don’t have to think of anything to write. Football is flooded with them so it’s the easiest page to fill! Ed Butler was the winner of a competition we ran during the transfer window a year or so ago. The idea was to sign as many new fans to our Facebook page as possible and Ed excelled with a Harry Redknapp esque recruitment spree.  So rather than forking out on an expensive prize we fobbed him off with naming rights…And he’s never looked back.

Are there any subjects that are just off limits for taking the piss out of?

David Beckham, as the man is a freaking hero who always has good hair. Ryan Giggs up until a few weeks ago too, but mainly because judges don’t tend to be as good natured as others. There is a line, and we try very hard not to cross it. But the line is just slightly further away for Emile Heskey. We don’t make the rules.

What does the future hold for The DA? Any plans to promote the site more or, god forbid, start talking seriously?

We’ve just had some fairly exciting news in the fact that we’ve been taken over by SB Nation who can boast millions and millions of visitors a month compared to our five (three minus parents), so we’re really looking forward to working with them. Rest assured though, the day we go serious is the day Iain Dowie wins a trophy. Because if Iain Dowie isn’t doing something worth laughing at, we’ve got no hope.

Thanks for your time and good luck with everything!

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  1. Ed Butler is much more than a name, it’s an idea: a warmth on a cold night, a laughter within a lonely thought. It’s everything and anything. It’s Ed Butler.

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