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The podcast returns for another week and is packed full of discussion on the Premier League, Champions League, La Liga and much more.

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Presenter Tom Fox is joined once again by Ger McCarthy and Neil Sherwin to discuss the Champions League action and the make up of the semi finals. Manchester United and a resurgent Wayne Rooney earn praise from all corners while heads are scratched at the current goings on at Stamford Bridge. Are Carlo Ancelotti’s days numbered?

In part 2, La Liga expert Joseph Sext0n joins the lads to chat about the upcoming El Clasico frenzy. Barcelona and Real Madrid will meet four times in the coming weeks and we ask Joseph to put his neck on the line with predictions for how the games will pan out.

Finally, it’s back to the Premier League for some reviews and previews, while Neil and Ger look forward to the big FA Cup clash between Manchester City and Manchester United (may not be true).

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Neil Sherwin
Neil Sherwin

Co-editor of BackPageFootball.com. Writes mostly on Premier League and A-League with contributions to other sites including TheFootballSack, InBedWithMaradona and Bloomberg's BSports. Has featured on The Guardian's Football Weekly.

One thought on “Hold the BackPage – La Liga Loca

  1. Excellent Pod this week even if I do say so myself.

    Would appreciate some feedback from our dedicated pod followers to my suggestions on how to improve your listening experience:

    1) Every time Neil talks about Man City we should overlay sad violins playing in the background

    2) Every time Tom speaks about his beloved Man United or Sir Alex Ferguson a trumpet should blare announcing 5 minutes of unrequited loving comments followed by another trumpet blast to announce the end of the his soliloquy

    3) When I launch into a tirade about Man City/ Man U/ Arsenal / Chelsea / Liverpool or Arsenal again you the listener should applaud until I have finished.

    4) Each time the word SPURS is mentioned I expect all listeners to silently mouth the words ‘Come On You Spurs’ like I do

    5) The Hold the Back Page podcast welcomes all tweets, comments and feedback especially the ones that praise me and denounce the two Manc fans

    Whadda ya say?

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