Hold The BackPage: Episode 9

by The Podcast

No. 9 – it’s the number Hold The Back Page would wear if we were a professional footballer and it’s also the number of the episode about to come in your ears!

Tall, silky and with a gift for scoring goals outside the boundary of most Leinster senior players, we can only be talking about Dimitar Berbatov – another no. 9.

The bold Bulgarian gets the once over from Ciaran O Raghallaigh and Neil Ahern, but he’s not alone, as the lads ponder the future of Man City’s Shay ‘The Slave’ Given, and also how Damien Duff and Aiden McGeady will face off for a spot in Trap’s team v Russia.

Neil tells us just what you should look for in a $10,000-a-night hooker, while Ciarán recalls Clark Kent’s glorious history as a top-class goalkeeper (He didn’t just save Metropolis!)

There’s a special guest this week, and we’ve put aside a chunk of time for him – it’s Padraig Amond, once of the parish of Sligo and Tallaght, but now starring for Pacos De Ferreira in Portugal’s top flight. He tells us the story of his remarkable move, how he’s got his eyes on Giovanni Trapattoni’s senior squad and his dreams of running out in Benfica’s Stadium of Light.

We’re also debuting the new competition ‘Tip-Off’, where you put your betting knowledge up against the two lads as well as Paddy Power’s Chris McWilliams.

We think it’s odds-on to be a hit, and with free bets up for grabs (and the prizes are only going to get bigger and better!), make sure you get stuck in.

> Full details are outlined here

Manchester City v Chelsea: Comment below with who you think will win, be first scorer and the final result to be in with a chance to win. Details are outlined in the link above.

Of course, Tweet the Press gets its regular look in, and thanks, as ever, to everyone who contributed.

Well, what are you waiting for? Make like Berbatov and get your boots on – download and subscribe below….

50 Responses

  1. Daniel Mc says:

    west ham will start to pick up now after there results against stoke and sunderland! mon the hammers :D

  2. TheTongue says:

    Am I the first preditction on the tip off comp?

    1) Chelsea to win
    2) 2-1
    3) Drogba to score first.

    what do I win? :D

    1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

      Thanks for that mate!

      The competition will be outlined in greater detail within the post soon. Have you signed up to Paddy Power? Hit the banner in the post and go from there to avail of the winnings… if you win that is!

      Good luck

  3. Gav Reilly says:

    I’m going to go for a 2-2 draw, Yaya Toure to score first. Bam.

  4. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

    I’ll throw in my cap and go with

    1) Chelsea
    2) 3-1
    3) Florent Malouda

  5. Darragh Kenny says:


    3 – 2


  6. Neil Sherwin Neil Sherwin says:

    Going with the heart, and we all know that never works.

    1) City
    2) 2-1
    3) Malouda

  7. James Boyle says:

    Chelsea to win 2-1 with Malouda first scorer. :)

  8. Les Weightman says:

    Chelsea to win 3-1
    Terry 1st scorer

    points galore

  9. Richard Forbes says:

    2-1 City
    Yaya Toure 1st scorer

  10. Barry Naughton says:

    Man City to win

    2-1 Score

    Tevez first goal

  11. Ed says:

    2-1 to chelsea

  12. Craig Gibson says:

    1) Chelsea
    2) 3-1
    3) Carlos Tevez

  13. Ian Walsh says:

    1) Chelsea
    2) 2-1
    3) Drogba

  14. shane power says:

    draw 2-2 Tevez to score first.

  15. Mark Jepson says:

    Drogba to score first.

  16. Hey Gents, love the podcast here in Seattle, Washington!

    1) Chelsea (even) to win

    2) Spurs (even) to win

    3) Villa (+140) to win

    1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

      Hi Craig, glad you like the podcast!

      This week the 3 bets must be the first goalscorer, the correct score and the winner from Chelsea v Man City – so no other games are involved.

  17. Jamie says:

    Chelsea to win

    Drogba first goal

    2-0 to Chelsea

  18. Mich G says:

    Chelsea win

  19. David Holden says:

    Man City to win


    Tevez first scorer

    What happens if it’s a tie for first place? I see a handful of people with identical bets so it’s definately possible.

  20. Declan L says:




  21. Shane Kelly says:

    Man City to win 1-0 – Tevez.

  22. Andrew W says:




  23. PJ Browne says:

    Draw, 1-1, Yaya Toure

  24. theironsloth says:


    No first goalscorer


    Interesting stuff about Amond. Good work.

  25. Mark Walsh says:

    Chelsea to win 2-0. Anelka first goal. Cheers!

  26. John T says:

    1)Chelsea to win
    3)Essien to score first

  27. El Horseboxo says:

    (1) Chelsea to win

    (2) 1-2

    (3) Malouda to score first

  28. Steve says:

    1) Draw

    2) 1-1

    3) Adam Johnson

  29. Fionn Kiely says:

    1-1 Draw and Essien

  30. Colum Derwin says:

    Man City
    Carlos Tevez

  31. John Harrington says:




  32. Might as well go for broke…

    1) Chelsea

    2) Man City 0 – 3 Chelsea

    3) John Terry

  33. Messiah Joe says:

    1) Chelsea WIN
    2) 3 – 0
    3) Drogba

  34. dotsflan says:

    1) Draw

    2) 2-2

    3) Florent Malouda

  35. Neil Kelly says:

    Manchester city to win 2-1, tevez first goalscorer

  36. Kevin says:

    1) Chelsea win
    2) 2-0
    3)Essien to score first goal

  37. Rick says:

    1) Chelsea win 2) City 1 – Chelsea 2 3) Drogba 1st scorer

  38. Benji Inwood says:

    Tevez 1st Goalscorer, Match to finish a draw, 1-1. Good luck everyone

  39. Neil Richardson says:


  40. Colum Derwin says:

    I see Shane Kelly had same selections as me. Does that mean prize is split between us? How do we claim? Thanks btw

    1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:

      You’ll both get something that’s for sure.

      Watch your email and we’ll be on to you, hopefully Monday.

      1. Colum Derwin says:

        Excellent stuff. Thanks. Not often I’m hapy to see City win ;o)

        1. Shane Kelly says:

          Whereas I, on the other hand, am doubly *delighted* to see City win ;-) CTID

  41. Neil Sherwin Neil Sherwin says:

    Congratulations to our two winners.

    Paddy Power will be onto you shortly regarding prizes and we’ll be back later in the week for the next competition.

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