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Willie Gannon joins Neil Sherwin to discuss some of the ongoing problems with Irish football domestically, while the Olympics and the Community Shield are also on the agenda.

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With Manchester City attracting over 20,000 supporters for a friendly in Limerick at the weekend, Neil and Willie discuss the Irish attitude to games played in the country as St. Patrick’s Athletic managed to draw less than a quarter of that number for their Europa League game with Hannover 96 on Thursday.

Brazil are firm favourites to take gold at the Olympics for the first time with Great Britain eliminated and there’s some thoughts on the make up of the semi finals, before the pod finishes off with a look ahead to this weekend’s Community Shield.

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One thought on “Hold the BackPage – Another day, another pod

  1. ST Pats was competetive in the first half against Hanover. It easily could have been 1-1. They play an attractive style of football. The 4000 who went to the game got their moneys worth. The LOI, in general play good football. They will never compete with the EPL, however. Why should they? LOI should work with the country’s huge tide of youngsters. Free or discounted tix are a start. Once you hook ’em , they are yours for life. The current generation are a lost cause, they’ve grown up with the EPL on the telly. In a decade, with a stable fan base, the league could do great things. There ‘s nothing like being there.

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