Hold the Back Page: Episode 1

by The Podcast

In another exciting move for BackPageFootball.com, we are pleased to present our new podcast, Hold The Back Page.

Presented by the Sunday Mirror’s Ciarán Ó RaghallaighHold The Back Page will be available to listen to on the site on a weekly basis initially, and will also be featured on the iTunes store.


In episode one, Ciarán talks to the the Irish Independent’s Neil Ahern on the latest transfer news that is circulating around, as well as Shamrock Rovers’ big game against Juventus this week in the Europa League.

Then co-editor Neil Sherwin is on the line to provide a little background on the site, and chat about the Premier League outright betting tips for the coming season.

The podcast is brought to you by the great folk at Paddy Power.

We’re looking for a big focus with listener interaction, so send us your views and opinions on Twitter, Facebook and email – pod@backpagefootball.com

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9 Responses

  1. Ed says:

    fantastic stuff and well done to everybody for getting this off the ground. this has the cabibility to get really big over the next few months.

  2. Des Feeney says:

    is there an RSS/xml for subscribing to listen on a player (non iPod)

    1. Kevin Coleman Kevin Coleman says:


      There’s the feed link, hope that helps

  3. Des Feeney says:

    that works perfectly, cheers Kev.

  4. alex says:

    hope to see more and more of these, always interesting to see somthing different and this covers everything from the domestic to the foreign game..

    more please

  5. Andrew says:

    Great job guys, a good listen, look forward to more of the same

  6. Eamonn Power Eamonn Power says:

    very impressive lads, fair play. amazing to see whats come about in the space of a year. looking forward to to having the time to get back writing more frequently in the near future.


  7. Des Feeney says:

    Great stuff lads, enjoyed it

  8. Andre Bomar says:

    Well done guys! Good to get a fresh view of the beautiful game. cheers!

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