Here is Liverpool’s Simon Mignolet working in a bar

Not 100% sure of what is going on here. At first we thought it was some sort of Belgian national team supporters group video, but it seemed to turn into a Make A Wish-style show with Eden Hazard and Nacer Chadli surprising a kid in his home.

But then Simon Mignolet started pulling pints (1:46) and we got lost completely.

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Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman

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2 thoughts on “Here is Liverpool’s Simon Mignolet working in a bar

  1. The BFA launched a campaign where the players of the national team challenge their supporters to do achieve something. Challenges in the past were for example: create a 1000 stadions in the country with people watching the national team or they challenged female supporters to turn up in big numbers so that the Kop the national stadium got filled with only women. This time they asked people to set up promotion events to urge the Belgian supporters going to Scotland to “make us proud”. Every time the challenge is met, the players will do something in return. This time they would go to supporters’ houses and ask if they could do some chores. Mignolet went to a bar with a supporters club of the national team and had to work behind the bar

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