Happiness Still Eludes Carlos Tevez

The Carlos Tevez saga is in full swing with the Argentine set to leave Eastlands, and Eliot Prince takes a look at his chequered past, present and future.

Carlos Tevez launched his Premier League career in astounding fashion, with a move to West Ham United in a deal that still baffles me to this day. Amidst allegations and court room drama, single handedly, he saved the Hammers from relegation sending Sheffield United out of the league leaving the Blades bitter for years to come. A huge amount has changed since then.

The Argentinean striker has built an unbelievable reputation and you would think that he is getting exactly what he wants at Manchester City, but he is still not happy! He is perplexing the football industry with contradicting statements and threats which remarkably have ended in him requesting an unlikely transfer.

Having had enough of playing for the most famous club in the world, he turned his back on Manchester United as he felt they did not value him enough. He has also threatened his national side with retirement if he carries on being treated as just a work horse.

This would leave you thinking he is in his element at City. Club captain, play-maker and top goal scorer, still is not his cup of tea. He is reveling on the pitch right now, scoring important goals for City making himself indispensable to them. Off the pitch he has had problems in his private life and admitted to feeling home sick after returning to Argentina for a short leave. I don’t blame the guy to be honest, the sun and home comforts of Buenos Aries are probably no contest for Manchester.

Man City have rejected his transfer request as you would expect, but who would they even sell him too anyway? If he is homesick, going back to Boca Juniors or Corinthians would be hard to see, there is no way they would be able to stomp up the cash to prize him out of Eastlands. His wages are astronomical, although he may be willing to take a pay cut to return to South America. In my view if a move is on the cards it could well be similar to City’s infamous man Robinho, who took a loan back to his homeland leaving City funding his wages (they just about managed to scrape the cash together).

We have seen the recent spat with manager Mancini, which is likely to be another contributing factor. Seemingly Tevez does not like Roberto’s conservative playing style which has seen them jump to the top of the league this weekend, without Tevez (erm, good call Carlos). In fairness to Carlos many people are annoyed at Mancini’s style and it is very defensive but it is slowly getting results, and I don’t think you can blame the manager for wanting to be solid whilst creating his team.

Could it be similar to the Rooney saga that United had on their hands not so long ago? He had been calling for more wages and a longer contract, and it would be no surprise to me if this simply came down to money. Frustratingly, football always comes down to this now. I found it wonderful for Craig Bellamy to show the nation that he is a player that loves the game and feels he wants to give something back to where he grew up, at Championship side Cardiff. Man City still fork out his wage bill though.

The thing is though, ask the majority of players why they played football as a kid, why they dreamed of pulling on their national jersey and winning the world cup and the answer would not be ”so I can have millions of pounds”. I would be sad to see once again this simply boiling down to money. Fair play to the lad if he does want out, if he wants to return home, good on him. If not then some patience wouldn’t go amiss. At the moment he is leading City to something great and maybe he and Mancini need to put their ego’s behind them for the time being and in the current state of football, Roberto Mancini probably won’t be managing the same club; the average tenure for managers is now at just over two years.

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