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GIF: The blatant Liverpool penalty Howard Webb never gave

by Up Front

Has there been a more unbelievable penalty snub this season? Samuel Eto’o barges Luis Suarez with his knee, long after the ball has gone.

And Howard Webb was looking straight at it.

(GIF via Balls.ie)


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28 Responses

  1. Reff says:

    Clear pen

  2. Max says:

    Sometime it pays to keep quiet as a Manager :(

  3. Martin Badger says:

    Did anyone really expect Webb to award Liverpool a penalty at Chelsea? I certainly didn’t!

  4. stan howard says:

    yet another easy target – oh its Suarez, no one will say anything. eto should have been sent off once andd booked twice – nothing. you play tyhe money teams away two games running and cant get a decision – very fair.

  5. Yaru says:

    It is disappointing because it is blatant and in front of the ref

  6. JOJO says:

    who is there to question Coward Webb…a realy man utd fan? ita a shame on epl

  7. JJM says:

    The best part is that Webb points at it after the fact. Maybe his whistle got jammed.

  8. JOJO RAMOMI says:

    shame….shame….shame on you Howard Webb….were you blind? how could you say that was not a penalty?

  9. jude says:

    well brendan cant say anything but the fans and pundits can – hes a complete tosser and shd b barred from top games for a period of time – unlikely tho

  10. poofle2 says:

    karma for that animal

  11. he’s the most loser…shame on u COWARD WEBB

  12. Batman says:

    “Samuel Eto’o barges Luis Suarez with his knee, long after the ball has gone.”

    Exactly. Long after the ball has gone. No penalty, because he wasn’t in the position to do anything with the ball to score a goal. You lot are deluded sore losers.

    1. Kevin says:

      Yet it is still a blatant foul. So How is it not a penalty?

  13. mr lump says:

    we can’t serious expect Howard Webb a man u legend to give liverpool a pk we surely must be joking, against man city and Chelsea today refs haven’t given us anything all calls go against us..

  14. Kevin says:

    If it’s a foul outside the box, then it’s a penalty inside the box. Simple. Fuck the refs with their inconsistent judgements.

  15. The Joker says:

    Batman…a foul is a foul. He doesn’t have to be on the ball.

  16. Murphius says:

    a foul inside the box is a penalty regardless of where the ball is…

  17. Obstruction and a dive. Book both players and award indirect free kick to Liverpool.

  18. Erik Sneibis says:

    I guess its then ok to for example punch someone in the head and there would be no consekvences because the ball was gone?

  19. Smiley says:

    My god you are stupid. Using your logic, if the ball is on the other end of the pitch, I can run up, punch the opposing goalkeeper, and get away with it.

  20. Lawrence Maurice says:

    Its a shame the F.A. Allows these ref to get away with these ugly ways

  21. stan howard says:

    just another ref cop out – its Suarez we dont have to give it.

  22. danny says:

    yeah cos its ” a clear goalscoring “opportunity without the ball and really he went ove like he had been hit with a snipers bullet he was barely touched

  23. Al says:

    Eto’o, what an idiotic thing to do. If he had given it, and he should have, CFC fans would be all over him. What a let off.

  24. d says:

    Interesting as he didn’t appear to be touched

  25. per says:

    No problem för Suarez to stand up. If he had wanted to.

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