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Today we speak to Everton fan and contributor to fanblog Grand Old Team, Dylan DeLoretta.

What is your greatest hope for the season ahead

Obviously like to see a player or two come in. Don’t care from where. Realistically, maintain our squad and then FINALLY get a decent start to the season. It is all we are missing from a really good league placing. If we get that good start, coupled with making it to Christmas in a decent shape, our normal second half of the season surge should see us in a good position to secure a Europa League spot, and if all the planets align just right, maybe an outside shot at challenging for fourth! And we want Phil Neville to shoot more. And show off his silky step-overs.

And your biggest fear:

Losing Fellaini/Arteta before the window shuts. That and another abysmal start to the season to make it a ‘trifecta’ of terrible starts. Other than that, not a whole lot to fear. We aren’t going to be in danger of relegation and I already know these are the players we have to work with.

Thoughts on the club’s summer transfer business:


Who’ll be your most important player this season:

Fellaini and Barkley. Felli for his all around bossing, and Barkley as he breaks through and does some Phil-esque stepovers to confound the opposition. Fellaini is going to be key in midfield, controlling the tempo and breaking up opposition plays. He has good short range passes, and so long as he stays away from the Phil Neville hollywood cross field balls, we should be a lot more solid in the middle. Something we lacked for a large portion of last season.

And who’s the fan favourite:

Arteta, Fellaini. The fans favorite will likely be one of those, for the technical aspect they bring to the team Arteta has an amazing range of passing, can take a player on and sometime, can deliver a perfect cross/freekick/shot. Fellaini is the midfield boss, and we have always had a place in our hearts for a player who can go toe to toe with the other hardmen of football. Not only that, he is actually quite a good footballer too…. He has good technical ability and can pass the ball well.

Although, in my opinion, Osman will be our most important player. He is under-appreciated generally, but he has a desire to get the ball and try to make something happen. He isn’t as flashy as some other players, but he is solid and reliable, seemingly always willing to step up to the plate and be accounted for.

Anyone new who we should keep an eye out for:

Barkely, Mcaleney and Vellios. Barkley has the mad skillz, Mcaleney looks like he is gonna be a tricky little player he has a knack for sneaking in to positions he shouldnt be in and Vellios has some strength and seemingly a desire to score goals!

The player you’d pay his taxi fee to his new club:

Hmm, hot and cold this one. But if push came to shove, probably Bilyaletdinov. A classic Youtube player if I ever saw one. He has a thunderous shot, but overall his positioning, passing and defensive play are all lacking. He is incredibly frustrating to watch. I was at a pre-season game and for the first 20 minutes he didn’t play, he had his head down trying to concentrate solely on his positioning, thereby neglecting his defensive duties and didn’t get forward at all. He just looks completely out of his depth.

Who do you want to beat most this season?

Manchester City. Of course that is after Liverpool. City are all that is bad with the game (don’t get me wrong, I would love to have the money they do, but seriously? Lets just spend our way out of trouble). Unfortunately money talks. And they can talk all day long. And each time we beat Liverpool, it doesn’t matter what else is going on in life – I am happy. Likewise when they beat us, I could be having the best month ever and for a few days I will be well moody.

Opposition players you admire and you despise?

Admire: Joe Hart. I think he is a top keeper and damn fine looking to boot ;). He seems to have it all in what a keeper should, commands his box, good shot stopper and handles crosses fine. To get all three of those traits in one keeper is rare. And he plays for City, but he is the one keeper I would gladly change Howard with, without a hesitation. Despise: Stevie G. He plays for Liverpool. He epitomises kopitness. He is a bit of a ass with an enormous sense of self-entitlement.

Have you got the right manager, and what advice would you give him?

Hell yeah we do. And I wouldn’t so much as dare to give him advice (except maybe to go for it once in a while). Seriously though, think about that substitution you are about to make. Is taking off an attacker while we are a goal down/drawing for a defender *really* the tactically right thing to do? We can play some really nice football, but Moyes has to take the shackles off and let our players have a little more leeway in their play. Let them express themselves a little more, rather than play the percentages all the time (I am talking about you, Neville, and your 72,823 completed passes). Let the boys play like me and you know they can. I want more Larissa games, not more Blackpool (no offence Blackpool fans, just making a point) games.

And finally, where will you finish?

6th. Nailed.

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