Do Manchester United need Wilfried Zaha?

_64079011_zahapalaceOn the 25th January Manchester United confirmed the signing of England Under-21 star Wilfried Zaha loaning the 20 year old straight back to Crystal Palace, the club they bought him off.

Zaha clearly has immense talent he won the Football League Young Player of the Year Award in March 2012 after scoring nine goals and providing five assists in 48 games while also winning his first full England cap against Sweden in November 2012. Zaha can play as a striker but is more commonly used by Crystal Palace as a winger, this in my opinion creates a lot of issues.

Already in the Manchester United squad are wingers such as Antonio Valencia, Nani and Ashley Young, while some people still believe there could be a potential return of Cristiano Ronaldo. Based on this, I struggle to think how Zaha would get game time next season.

There are a few possible solutions:

Zaha could be loaned out again

Look at the impact loaning young players out has, take Jack Wilshere and Daniel Sturridge’s loans to Bolton, Romelu Lukaku’s loan to West Brom and Danny Welbeck’s loan to Sunderland. All players have significantly improved since their respective loans and this could be how Wilfried Zaha makes his first Premier League impact.


Rumours have been flying round for months now about Nani leaving in the summer and this does leave a gap in United’s wing department. However Nani is predominately a left-winger whilst Zaha is a right-winger, this leaves Antonio Valencia who is the only recognised right-winger in Manchester United squad, however I don’t think he will be leaving any time soon as he is liked by Sir Alex Ferguson and is 27 years old so he still has at least another five years at this level in him. So I believe this isn’t a likely solution

Fight for his place

Although I would obviously hate to see a player of Zaha’s potential being wasted on the United bench, I struggle to see him being picked ahead of the likes of Valencia next season, this could lead to him ‘bench warming’ for United. Take players like Scott Sinclair, Jack Rodwell and even Danny Welbeck. All three rose to fame last season, Sinclair for Swansea, Rodwell for Everton and Welbeck playing for United, Sinclair and Rodwell were on the brink of England call-ups, Rodwell was capped for England and Sinclair playing in London 2012 for Team GB, something that injury prevented Rodwell doing too. Both took big moves to Manchester City and have seen their careers stall this begs the questions would they have been better off playing week in week out for their previous clubs?

Although injury has prevented Rodwell from making as many appearances as he probably would I still don’t see him being picked ahead of Yaya Toure, James Milner and Javi Garcia. Welbeck has sunk down the pecking order since Robin Van Persie’s arrival at Old Trafford and his career has since stalled scoring just the once in Premier League action this season clearly being behind RVP, Rooney and even Chicharito hasn’t helped his development.

Whatever happens to Wilfried Zaha I hope he gets his chance to shine and hopefully become a key player for not just Manchester United but for England too.

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Lee Davies

6 thoughts on “Do Manchester United need Wilfried Zaha?

  1. having watched United’s wingers over the past few months, I see no reason why Zaha shouldn’t see plenty of game time next season. Nani, Valencia and Young have had poor seasons. some of this will be down to injuries, but I doubt Fergie will hesitate to throw the lad in if he impresses in training.

    Welbeck hasn’t had too many games at centre-forward this season, but he’s still been one of United’s better attacking players. I guess his penalty box play has suffered from not leading the line, but I’d hardly say his career has stalled.

  2. Lee, let me deal with your following statement –

    “Already in the Manchester United squad are wingers such as Antonio Valencia, Nani and Ashley Young, while some people still believe there could be a potential return of Cristiano Ronaldo. Based on this, I struggle to think how Zaha would get game time next season.”

    Valencia – has he played well this season? Does he go past a full back? Are defenders scared of him? He is only picked to protect Rafael who can’t defend.

    Nani – the Michael Jackson lookalike has had a season that has the same name as one of his idol’s album – BAD ! He should take a long hard look at the ‘Man in the Mirror’ !

    Young – spends most of the time diving, he’d be better off in the swimming pool with Tom Daley.

    Ronaldo – back to United, dream on !!

    Wilfried will light up the Premiership next year and when he does you’ll wonder why you wrote this article. He is exactly what United need. He goes past defenders for fun which is why he is the most fouled player in the Championship. When he gets the protection from the refs that is afforded to all United players he will only get better.

    Hopefully for England’s sake Fergie will improve his finishing and make him the complete player. Having said that, ignoring Ronaldo, Wilf’s finishing is as good as the prolific trio of Valencia, Young and Nani. On that basis he should walk into the United team which is at best ‘ordinary’ at the moment in what is a below average Premier League.

  3. Obviously they need him in the future but do they need him next season if they didn’t need him this season? Why would the circumstances change? and I’m not dreaming about Ronaldo going to United, I’m an Everton fan.
    I do see where your all coming from though maybe he would have a better chance than I first thought.

  4. since Valencia and Nani have had bad seasons and Young is just terrible, I see no reason why Zaha shouldn’t get a bit of game time. Although consider they might have had Isco for similar money.
    Welbeck’s career stalled?? do me a favour. He’s been an important player for United this season

  5. Welbeck a key player this season? He’s only scored once and has made half his appearances off the bench. Compare it to last season and he hasn’t been as prolific and he hasn’t had as much game time. He has the potential to be a key player but at the moment is merely a squad member

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