Competition: Win FA Cup Semi Final Tickets

by Back Page Football

We really do spoil our readers sometimes! Following on from some superb recent competitions, we have got three pairs of FA Cup semi final tickets up for grabs thanks to the very kind folk at E.On, the tournament’s main sponsor.

The FA Cup semi finals take place at Wembley this coming Saturday and Sunday as Manchester City face local rivals Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers take on Stoke City.

We have a 2 x Manchester City, 2 x Bolton Wanderers and 2 x Stoke City tickets to give away and you can enter by answering the question below.

In the E.ON FA Cup Fifth Round, which team had the most shots on goal?

For hints, visit E.On’s excellent ‘Magic of the Cup’ blogzine.

Answers can be left in the ‘Comments’ section below, tweeted or emailed to us on editor [at], and you need to state which of the three teams you support.

Closing date for entries is Tuesday, 12 April 2011 (2pm Irish time), and you must be able to attend the game at Wembley. A winner will be chosen at random from the correct entrants.

To get all the exclusive stats surrounding The FA Cup for each round, visit E.ON’s FA Cup Blogzine or follow them on Twitter.

53 Responses

  1. Ben Farr says:

    Fulham had the most total shots on goal. (Bolton fan)

  2. Callum Bashford says:

    Fulham Arsenal and Birmingham all had 14 I think…

    *Chelsea fan*

  3. Matt Bateman says:

    Answer to your competition is: Fulham

  4. Hannanite says:

    Fulham had most shots at goal. (Manchester City fan ).

  5. Emma C says:

    Man. City Fan

  6. Ricky Byrne says:

    In the E.ON FA Cup Fifth Round, which team had the most shots on goal?

    Fulham had the most shots on goal.

    Manchester City fan

  7. Stepen McGovern says:

    Fulham so it was (scum fan)

  8. mark darby says:

    Fulham is the answer

    Man City Fan

  9. Donagh says:


  10. Neil R says:


    (United fan who can keep quiet behind enemy lines)

  11. Galvin K says:


  12. Andy says:

    Fulham had the most shots on goal.
    (Man City Fan)

  13. Stephen C says:

    Fulham had the most shots.

    United fan but can change my spots for the day!

  14. Carl says:


    Sheffield Wednesday Fan

  15. Aaron Hill says:

    Fulham (Man City fan)

  16. Seamus says:


    Bolton fan

  17. Alexander Nicholson says:

    Fulham (Manchester City Fan)

  18. Tristan peters says:

    Answer: Fulham. Mcfc fan

  19. Naoise Fleming says:

    Fulham (City Fan)

    1. Naoise Fleming says:

      dont be fooled by the fabregas pic, hes unreal, still support City though

      1. Don’t believe a word of it ;)

  20. paul butcher says:

    Fulham. Man City Fan

  21. Deirdre Durran says:

    United fan

  22. Ben says:

    answer is Fulham

    Man Utd fan

  23. Steve says:

    Fulham…Man City fan

  24. Nuala says:


    I’m a Man City fan

  25. sandra gough says:


    Chelsea fan….

  26. chris says:


    United fan

  27. Ben says:

    Man City fan.

  28. Harpal Singh says:


    Man utd fan

  29. Eric says:


    Bolton fan

  30. Paul Kelly says:

    Answer: Fulham

    Man utd Fan

  31. Ger McCarthy Ger McCarthy says:

    I’m not entering as I write for BackPageFootball but just wanted to issue a protest vote because of the fact Spurs are no longer in the competition.

    Fulham is the answer btw

    1. Neil Sherwin Neil Sherwin says:

      It’s alright Ger, we might be lucky enough to get some Champions League semi final tickets to give away next.

      Oh wait…

  32. Dermot says:

    The Answer is Fulham

    I am a supporter of Manchester City Football Club

  33. jarrod burney says:


    mcfc fan

  34. Michael wheeldon says:

    answer is fulham
    man city fan

  35. Simon wheeldon says:

    answer fulham

    man city fan

  36. Ryan Cowley says:

    Answer is Fulham

    Stoke city fan

  37. zawtowers says:


    Manchester City fan

  38. Ciaran Murphy says:


    Manchester City fan

  39. Ian Buckley says:


    Manchester City fan

  40. julie reardon says:


    arsenal fan!

  41. trevor reardon says:

    the ans is fulham

    arsenal all the way

  42. Damien says:


    Man City Fan

  43. Adam Frost says:


  44. Elaineray1 says:


  45. David Connolly says:

    Answer Fulham

    man utd

  46. wendy keogh says:

    The answer is Fulham

    Manchester United Supporter

  47. rob bell says:


    Man city

  48. eimear hendrick says:


  49. Jessica Lambert says:


  50. Rachel Finan says:


    My name is Rachel and I am a 32 year old Stoke fan, from Stoke, living in Toronto.

    I booked my flights last week, Thursday-Tuesday for the Final. The problem is, I don’t know how to secure a ticket that isn’t going to cost me 500 pounds (that’s the offer I have at the moment, it will mean I won’t be able to come home for a visit in August).

    Here’s hoping I win!!!!

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