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Chelsea complete signing of Cesc Fàbregas

by Charles Pulling

Chelsea FC will complete the signing of former Arsenal captain Cesc Fàbregas after agreeing financial details with the 27 year old and his catalan employers, according to Spanish news outlet ABC.es. Barcelona will receive approximately €33 million in the deal. Earlier this week Spain teammate Gerrard Piqué confirmed that Fàbregas would not be at the club next season. The transfer is expected to be officially confirmed in the coming days.

De hecho, el acuerdo entre clubes está cerrado desde hace días –a razón de los 33 millones más variables que se le escaparon a Gerard Piqué– y las condiciones del contrato del jugador con la entidad londinense ya están pactadas, así como su reconocimiento médico.

Source: ABC.es

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Charles Pulling

Charles Pulling

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68 Responses

  1. Gen lew says:

    Fabrega and costa is a good arrival to stamdford bridge, but chelsea still need the contribution of mangela or zouma and luke shaw or flipe luiz and lukaku and tiago and curtoise
    take it or leave it

  2. We need the signing of these players courtois,costa,felipe luis,fabregas,mangala,tiago mendes,lavezzi and lukaku if chelsea have a good addition of some of these players to the old players in the team we can not spear any team in the world .thas my own idea that i have

  3. Junior Matthews says:

    They just need defenders now to make sure the can win the league.
    Chelsea are the best.

  4. Richardnas says:

    With d arriva of cost, cesc, lukaku, felipe luis,mangala and when mourinho beingin do d rite selection chelsea can deal wit any team in d world.

  5. alade anobi says:

    we need dis gre8t signing fillipe Luis Costa fabrigas thiago . mourinho make sure u singn mangala by all miss.bcos isa good player and the guy luv blues up blues 4 liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Welldone jose mourinho by sign costa and fabregas up bluesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….:…………

  7. owo c says:

    Jos thank u for buying fabregas and coster

  8. Patrick kachali says:

    I disagree for signing Fabregas, because we have already Willian & Oscar, I was thinking maybe team missing 2 new top strikers, left back & central defender & keeper

    1. Willins ad oscer are playn midfied or supportn striker bt fabregas is playn at 4 defencsiv midfieder, d role of mike obi. Bt he can stil play d role of midfied also dependn on his manager.

      1. Patrick kachali says:

        Francis fabregas always play at attacking not defensive midfield, even in barcelona team fabregas on 10 attacking supporting number 9,, xavi on 6 defensive midfield, iniesta on 8 attacking

  9. kwasi prince says:

    Mourinho wil destroy chelsea if not sack. mourinho is a disgrace to football; he will use all these players for his defensive tactics.

  10. Sunkypep says:

    Wel,mou wit d 2 signings plz mou we dnt defensiv game,up blues 1 luv………..

  11. Patrick kachali says:

    Hey my fellow chelsea fans, which team can outplay chelsea team if coach use this line up, 1@Courtio, 2@Ivanovic, 3@Fillipe, 4@Cahil, 5@Terry, 6@Matic, 7@Salah, 8@Willian, 9@Costa, 10@Lukaku, 11@Hazard, on bench@ Ramires, Kalaas, Oscar, Mikel, Torres, Mark, Ceaser, Fabregas, Zouma, what’s your next comment on this ?

    1. Ur comment is not good,frabergas can’t b in brench

      1. Patrick Kachali @ Kitwe-Zambia says:

        Ok korede, your comment good, so for Fabregas & Willian which one can be at bench, because all plays at same position on attacking mid fielder?

    2. Churchill amedu says:

      Its only a failed team dat will keep hazard n fabrigas on d bench…look @ dis..1.cortois 2.azpicuta 3.filipe 4.matic 5.Terry 6.cahill 7.schulle 8.willian 9.costa 10.fabregas 11.chief hazard bench…osca,lukaku,madzukic,zouma,omeruo,ramires,salah,van gikel,ivanovic,mikel,moses,schwazzar…dis is better

  12. Patrick Kachali @ Kitwe-Zambia says:

    I think Chelsea will win 3 trophies season 2014-2015

    1. Always chelsea perfomance are best so afraid not abaut that chelseaaaaaaaa!

  13. Felicia Luna says:

    Chelsea are mad ppl how can they expect to with trophies since they have not born up yet to do so how can you guys here thinking that common Chelsea can won the trophies. ? is impossible you all thanks

    1. Patrick kachali says:

      Luma, I think you are fan from either man utd, arsenal, liverpool, but don’t forget all these clubs are still failures to challenge Chelsea, so I rename you as from LUMA BEST to (LUMA FAILURE)

  14. Oscar oscarllove says:

    All i have to say mou and chelsea are on d ryt track to maximum success….. And abt d comments earlier made, ur english blunder can make a team relagate..jeez

  15. kevin Rhodes says:

    a good partner to costa chelseas game z MANZUKIC.He fits nd Mou shud get hm.they wil b great n blue.plzd Mou shud ditch all our strikers BT NOT ELNINO.

  16. Oscar oscarllove says:

    U all are here complaining and dropping awkward views on an established team and coach while u shud be learning english…

  17. Kasano Jose says:

    thnx mou for bringin in costa n fabregas..bt we still need filipe luiz,lukaku n courtouise.#Ktbffh

  18. zebron says:

    The two signings so far are good but we need one more striker to accompany coster either cavan or mondzucki wil do.have the collections now not after the season starts that will be improffesional

  19. Nazimu yahaya bawa says:

    Costa&faba ar gud additions bt we stil need another killer attacker in lavezzi or mandzukic 2 complete de over houl.

  20. salincojackson says:

    up blue

  21. Enoch sam says:

    Chelsea ned 1 defender,call bck lukaku n coutios…we gud to go.up blues……

  22. Solomon utaka says:

    Chelsea should buy F. Luiz, Cesc, bring back Lukaku, Courtois and Devila and look for a central defender then the team will settle

  23. Adio ayomipo says:

    Mou thanks for the two signings,but we still need addition of lavezzi and felipe luiz please

  24. Solomon utaka says:

    Forget, Costa is injured, lukaku should make a u-turn, Fabregas for Lamps, cortouis for unhealthy Cech, buy f. Luiz for d. Luiz bring back U. Devila to make chelsea squad concrete next term.

  25. innocent says:

    We need to upgrade kalas retain el Nino cal back lukaku with costa we going to perform wel provided we have creative midfielder cesc fabregas, also we need fellipe Luis

  26. ikechukwu ukonu says:

    I havent been so excited in a longtym,its so strange for me fabregas is coming to chelsea, Thanks so much boss. My advice goes this way,having fabregas is gr8,Diego costa too is nice business,felipe luis too but I hope we get to sell demba ba,Mikel and bring bk courtois thus my dream starting 11 goes lyk this… Gk:courtois, RB:azpilicueta LB:Felipe luis CBs:terry and Cahill Dm:Matic Cm:Fabregas AMs:Hazard,Oscar and Willian CF:Costa. Bench:Cech,Ivanovic,Cole,Ramires,Vanginkel,Schurrle,Torres

    1. tommy says:

      Ikechukwu,I agree with you,up bluesss

    2. Kalasben says:

      Y leave out ivanovic one of mou’s favourite in terms of physical game.just wis mou best of selection stop choosing lineup that would offend real chelsea fans ok

  27. olasunkanmi says:

    I think is a stupid idea n the so call mou follower aren’t seeing properly! We’ve lukaku,oscar,willian,ramires n other loanee players arriving. If dr is a need for any signing I think it should be bringing in our loaned keeper n a striker. Moreover, zouma or no zouma we’ve lots of lad that can improve in that position, if zouma wasn’t given any chance in his previous club will mou see him or his attribute! Lesson: give the lad chance. Even salah we don’t need him, we’ve hazard’s brother that play the same role n even more dynamic n also shurrle is dr. Mou should think about bring willian back to the MF not playing him else where. Costa is a good signing buh give lukaku a chance to prove himself. Else let him go to madrid or DMD. Don’t destroy his champions league.
    True blue

  28. olasunkanmi says:

    We don’t need fabregas! Oscar is there, u can’t spoil ds guys buy sitting em on the bench. They are not bench warmers buh first team player. If u want a dynamic team leg mikel go n also peter C. We’ve lots of players that u can improvise on as second team not by signing big names n suffer em of first team shirt.

    1. Berbs says:

      Players are brought in to add Competition. U said Oscar is there,why do we need Fabregas!! Oscar,sometimes runs out of ideas,it was obvious towards d end of last season dat we started having problem in his area cos he wasn’t providing enough.. With Cesc addition,dats a good business… Mind u Cesc can also play as false 9… I don’t think we need Mandzukic… We just need to bring in Lukaku so we can free Demba ba and Eto’o

  29. johnson says:

    Costa and Cesc are a job well done by Jose Morinho, but we still need the signing of Felip Luis, Mangala, Pogba, Lukaku and courtois to return, and then give chance to some of our young lads.

  30. Mou am enjoy you.you will have succes at chelsea.any player you sign you know him.you knw that he ft.we fan we hv to support u to hv succes at chelse.

  31. Busari Azeez says:

    I vink Jose mourinho will introduce a good tactics through the likes of the new signing,chelsea 4 development…………..

  32. riris says:

    Chelsea is a stupid rich club on planet, they just want to stop any others club transfer…they buy players and they store them, they don’t maximize the potential players..

    1. Patrick kachali says:

      Riri, I think money speaks that’s why chelsea use to spend big amount of money to buy top expensive players, example man city spend to be champion this time, even un spender team man utd club these days release 200million to buy top expensive players,

  33. kapito says:

    My beluvd blues! Our up front is ok with fab, Diego, Hazard, Torres, willian, and salah. All that chelsea needs is a perfect D. Luize replacement. Defensively we are not ok. So Mour should work on that.

  34. lucky joe says:

    With dis signing Chelsea will be steam to be afraid of nest season

  35. If u hate a team like chelsea theres need of checking ur brain if is in normal plan! I assuing all dat next season we are going to win 4 trophes! Chelsea da best

  36. umar says:

    We just need: costa, lukaku,courtois, thorgan Hazard, varane and fabregas or pogba. Out, mikel, ramirez, luiz, eto’o, torres, ba, lampard, schwarzer,

  37. obinna mba says:

    Fantastic buys” fabregas,costa. Perfect addition to the squad. #Up cfc !.. Up mou. All critics of mourinho and Cfc should watch out next season. We are going to be the most feared and formidable team in europe. Success is certain. Up chelsea!!!

  38. Ces And diego are the best for chelsea and will great a bettter bules in future

  39. Churchill amedu says:

    Mourinho ur buy is gud…expecially fabregas e is a real creative man.wt him chelsea strikers wl bang goalssssss.osca is nt to b compared to fabregas wen it comes to creativity n assist,osca has to learn frm him n b better than him.i think chelsea is gud to go but…bring in lukaku,madzukic,thorgan,courtios.let mikel,marin,lamp,cole,schwaz go…chelsea to win 2 trophies i predict nxt season

  40. Bob kizito says:

    I think there was no need for Fabregas because we already have our own (Oscar) Costa’s arrival is ok and then Lukaku and Courtois should get back.Mikel and Ba should be sold to avoid congestion

  41. John Koiyn says:

    Mourinho ur buying Fabregas and Costa is good but i want Drogba back

  42. mosesbode says:

    pls dont blame joseph moriho is best manager in the world he know the best he l love him so much l am the true blue fans josh do ur best l belive in my mind that u will bring troph back to staford brige uefa champions league. My name is mosesbode my phone number 08133393106

  43. Da best ov da best iz lavezzi think abt him

  44. Eyasu kebede says:

    thank u’mornho for baying fabrgas and costa

  45. Sacky says:

    Thats true kao chelsea have lots of players man some on loan some on bench, i think mou is making a big mistake on benching Oscar this guy is agood player and i tink he diserve a No.10 shrt.

  46. bright prempeh says:

    Fantastic buys” fabregas,costa. Perfect addition to the squad. #Up cfc !.. Up mou. All critics of mourinho and Cfc should watch out next season. We are going to be the most feared and formidable team in europe. Success is certain. Up chelsea!!!

  47. good business on costa & fabrigas but add f.luìz 4 a.cole otherwise its a good squad its rocking thanx 2all blue fans luv u.

  48. Sacky says:

    You can buy all the big names in the world but you only need 11 players on the pitch so how are you goin to utilize the others..? i thnk restrictions should be imposed on chelsea in terms of buying players that they don’t need…., just look at the chelsea loaned player list they are all good an disere to play football.

    1. sola twizzy says:

      @sacky that’s so unwise! Can anyone tell u how to spend your money? Cfc makes money from sales and uses the money to buy other better players.
      I think mourinho will do well to complete the signings of Costa, fabregas and fillipe Luis.
      Gk. Courtois RB. Iva CB. Terry CB. Cahill LB. F. Luis DM. Matic CM. Fabregas LW. Hazard AM. Oscar/Willian RW. Schurlle CF. Costa

    2. sola twizzy says:

      @sacky that’s so unwise! Can anyone tell u how to spend your money? Cfc makes money from sales and uses the money to buy other better players.
      I think mourinho will do well to complete the signings of Costa, fabregas and fillipe Luis.
      Gk. Courtois RB. Iva CB. Terry CB. Cahill LB. F. Luis DM. Matic CM. Fabregas LW. Hazard AM. Oscar/Willian RW. Schurlle CF. Costa #cfc

  49. Pls leave moriho cause is a good coach

  50. Leave my coach cause is a good coach indeed.

  51. Sacky says:

    What i am saying is that if you are bringing in new names…, you should also consider selling players that you don’t use oftenly.., rather than keeping them for nothing…., don’t destroy other players career pls.

  52. Michael says:

    I can see u are a better coach than Jose Mourinho.Will u move to Cobham training ground to finalize your deal as a the New chelsea Coach,As a coach use all what you have and what u believe in in-terms of tactics if u think its gonna take u there.He has played defensive game in interMilan and he was a champion.Go sit down Kwame or what are u called.

  53. shegun says:

    Up chelsea am reali hapi dat we gt costa farbgas is a gud sigin 2 chelsea arriva of farbgas we help tores 2 rediscove it form @ lvpol up tores up costa blue r winin all d trophies dis year

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