Check out this pro-Liverpool, anti-Arsenal advert

Surely BT Sport had more memorable moments in their first season than the hammering Liverpool gave Arsenal?

In this advert for the sports station they glorify the 5-1 rout of Arsenal that they were lucky to air live this season.

Maybe it’s their way of reminding Liverpool of the good times after losing Luis Suarez and trying to keep Arsenal grounded after signing Alexis Sanchez.


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35 thoughts on “Check out this pro-Liverpool, anti-Arsenal advert

  1. Funny that – Arsenal played LoserPool three times last season and spanked them twice but the focus is on this fluke. And didn’t Arsenal win a trophy last year and Liverfools (who again spent more despite this myth they don’t) win nothing? And let’s see what that once big club (no title in 24 years proves they’re not big anymore) does this season when they have to play midweek matches unlike last season when they were home with their feet up resting whilst the big teams had to play 15 games more than them.

    Sanchez CHOSE Arsenal obviously!
    Suarez LEFT Liverpool obviously!
    Enjoy battling for 8th like usual next season you funny little Kopites!

  2. Platform is rigged, turds in underpants being mad at nothing discussing lev pool oo are they for gods sake , why you arse,s so maddening me I piss at your words and you play stupid futbol cos you do !! And your french big sausage person who is nice ! His team play as they mite hate him ! But their money is say too much stuffed up their arses and they thinks kick things make them Zeus and it does not because they don’t Kare for other persons may say like sick people hospitols and wipe shit of sad olds arses, !!! Why you so angry at no one in fist place ?????? You should change world insteadd of living no ones !

  3. Seriously, anyone bothered by this needs to have a word with themselves. If Arsenal fans are that sad, desperate, bitter and pathetic that they can’t deal with an advert they need to give up watching football. To say that something is anti arsenal is ludicrous. Grow up you sad sad little children. You really are the worlds worst set on non fans.

    1. You knobs can hardly talk, haven’t even gotten over Anfield 89′ so Shut up.
      Anyway I’d rather celebrate an FA cup trophy and the signing of a player that told you to f*** off than celebrate a fluke win. PS, thanks for selling Suarez.. See you next season.

  4. ha ha arse got spanked . dont forget you all wanted to sack your manager early on last season . pathetic cockneys , not even the number one team in london anymore ahhhh . viera and henry days are long gone , get over it . tto say britains most succesfull club arent big well when you next attend anfield go and view the european cup we own after winning it for the 5th time . keep dreaming you daft cockneys hahaha .

  5. poor little club arsenal . emre can got to see a euro cup when he signed , sanchez got a stadium tour and only joined for the ‘london scene’ and cos checlsea didnt want him . he doesnt give a rats ar5e about yous lot . nor does anyone

  6. Maybe you should direct your pain and venom at BT Sports, we just supplied them with the material ! you are pathetic small minded losers whose only way to derive comfort is to call us “loserpool” etc. well we didn’t lose that day did we? and you treat signing a player as a victory! pathetic, grow up!!

  7. You idiots are emotional because Alexis declined to sign for loser fools.He chose AFC and can’t question that assholes,quit foot ball kop motherfuckers


  9. 90% of BT’s pundits are mancs or scousers. Wouldn’t expect anything else. It was an embarrassing defeat that’s for sure but Liverpool didn’t get a trophy for it. Well they didn’t get a trophy at all.

  10. Liverpool. You still talking about your 19 titles which you won before the premier league.
    24 years and still counting
    Let us see how you perform minus Suarez and playing CL games as well.

    Welcome to 2014/15 championship

  11. BT Sports homage to the droning scouse Michael Owen no doubt. A pundit so biased he wouldn’t get a platform for his drivel anywhere else except this poor channel. As for LFC, yes they have had an illustrious past, but that was the past and we all know how they love to cling onto the past. Let’s see how they do this season with Hannibal the Cannibal.

  12. You should tell your specialist in failure to resign for not having european cup than to start running your dirty mouth about this great club with five champions league trophy how many years does it gonna take you to win one anyway you can take FA cup as yours

  13. Hehehe, you gunners do cheer me up on a Sunday morning.

    You say we’ll be nothing without Suarez but one man doesn’t make a team, he’s gone, he goes with our blessing and we move on. We got a fair price for him and we won’t jeer him if he plays at Anfield again because we’re proper fans.

    You’re Right when you say we haven’t won the premier league since it’s inception but we’re on the rise and our form over the last season and a half shows that we’ve turned the corner and are going to get better and stronger and it won’t be long until we have to make room for the PL trophy.

    As For Sanchez, what can I say? Great player and I would have liked to see him pull on the red of Liverpool but he decided to sign for you and I’m not going to lose sleep over it because I know the real reason he chose to sign for Arsenal. Do you want to know the real reason why? He chose you over us because he knows we never sell to another PL club and he thought “how can I gain PL experience before I join Man City? I know I’ll join their feeder club”.

    You see we’re a HUGE club with worldwide following, recognition and respect we don’t dwell we move on.

    We’ll Talk again in MAY :)

  14. Oh and P.S.

    5-1 loss to Liverpool
    6-0 Loss to Chelsea
    6-3 Loss to Man City
    3-1 Loss to Villa

    And even a 3-0 loss to Everton FFS and their shite

    They can’t all be flukes


    1. Look, we get that bt has to flog its poor man’s setanta and sub-espn package; fine, let them do that and in doing so perpetuate the ‘Phoenix haas risen from the ashes’ media narrative.

      My biggest gripe is frankly, whether they have retained dalek drone voiced owen for the new season. Even Phil neville would be better even though he’s ex-Glazer Utd and ex-better part of Liverpool.

  15. wow is this what lfc have become good luck with the ad lets not forget the 19 titles were busy signing players LOL there gonna be a lot more crying from stevie g this season

  16. always rated liverpool for what they did back in the days but its not afc fault that the ever delusional embarrassing phil thompson (remember when houllier ordered him to sit in the dug out before he slipped a disc)was wrong when he said sanchez had signed for lfc,its gonna be a good season and please tell stevie g were bored of the same goodbye letters he sends to departing strikers,to be honest i don’t know why your bothered about racist suarez lfc always get good strikers and I’m afc fan its gonna be a great season for both clubs

  17. Instead of a European trophy he got to see a nice set of premier league ones, and even a golden premier league trophy you idiot

  18. liverpool,the spurs of the north,the only problem with england at the world cup was there was’nt enough liverpool players in the team

  19. So this is liverpools highlight of the season, winning a match at home. Wooooooowwwww.
    No need to get mad at this rubbish.
    Just have to remind the dole seeking scousers that Yaya sa no goals, spear headed a team that knocked them out of the fa cup and went on to win a trophy.
    Also it was their captain that gave away the title against the chavs & they’ve thrown away any chance this season having lost Suarez.
    Looking forward to seeing bony and lambert? Haha
    No doubt BT we’re aiming this adverts at the notherners, bit of a waste as they can’t nick the subscription like they do the TV sets

  20. Pathetic arsenal fans, fuckoff you cunts,, suarez didnt score fuck all in that match and sacnhez will flop bigtime eat a dick you faggots

  21. I’m certain Arsenal are relatively turd, but your peddling of consummate dross on this thread purports to a pristine proof that the myth of Arse-kissers being debonair and intelligent footballing slickers is done and complete. Arse supporters are, I rectum, skid marks and regressive and though you support a club in a affluent district, pertains this not to class as witnessed by your tenuous strained and trembling like shitting dogs illegally upstairs in your guardians home punching your keys while liberally festooned with burger cartons and solid Razzles ! I for your information think you lot have the least charisma and personality, your club is being fucked over by yourselves and wilful clambering at nothing, the class is diminishing and your heading for Chelsea status ! The abhorrence of the greedy bloated plutocrats ! Have class, you were always noted for this arse-holes !

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