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Check out Celtic’s fantastic home record in the Champions League

by Kevin Coleman

15 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss. The loss was against Barcelona.


(via Reddit)

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  1. Tim Molloy says:

    WTF is ridiculous about it? Do you think it’s some kind of fluke? A fluke that has lasted 50 years? Of course it’s not. The problem is, most Brit journalists (and sadly Irish ones too) buy into all the hype surrounding the English Premiership and other BIG MONEY leagues that they think it’s “ridiculous” that Celtic can usually send best of them packing from Parkhead with their tails between their legs.

  2. Not using ‘ridiculous’ in the dictionary sense, Tim. Relax. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ridiculous

  3. Tim Molloy says:

    Oh right. We’ll just use telepathy then and figure out what you really mean….. now THAT’s more like ridiculous.

  4. Michéal says:

    Not the most update list? Excludes 2012-2013 list!

    1. Charles McGregor says:

      I believe Benfica, Barcelona and Spartak were the teams we faced in 2012-2013

  5. Paul Thompson says:

    Just fantastic. Bring on barcalona Milan and Ajax .come on you boys in green.

  6. AndyBhoy says:

    Wow! Ridiculous reaction.

  7. This is getting ridiculous, calm down bhoys.

  8. Fantastic Freddie says:

    Jeezo Tim, anyone with half a brain cell would be able to work out the context which the word ‘ridiculous’ was used. Stop being so desperate to be offended………..

  9. Tim Molloy says:

    I’ve just boarded the offended bus. Ding Ding!

  10. Tim Molloy says:

    Don’t be ridiculous.

  11. Belfast Celt says:

    A fantastic home record, especially under O’Neill.
    Just dont put our away record up there!
    Hail Hail

  12. RidiculousBhoy says:

    The Celtic support as a whole would like to apologise to the author for being harangued by the fuckwit that is martin88 from the huddleboard. He’s not had his hole for a while and is resorting to virtuoso displays of bawbaggerry across the internet. He’s going after moderators of SCIAF’s page next after they forgot to use a capital letter in ‘Catholic’.

  13. Kev K says:

    On behalf of the world, I apologise for Martin88, the big eejit!

  14. Joe says:

    Just like to add that we actually lost 3 – 2 to Barcelona that night, Barry Robeson and big Jan scored on the night then ronaldinho, messi and Henry decided to play the best games of their lives after that.

  15. Sean says:

    Incorrect, Messi Scored Twice and Henry scored

  16. dan says:

    Wrong night you numpty this 3-1 game Larsson scored against us

  17. John says:

    This contrasts with the group stage home record of the shamed, disgraced, and soon to be defunct, Rangers: 7-9-11 since 1995-96. Away record is 2-8-17 over that stretch, for a combined 9-17-28.

  18. Tic-Bhoy says:

    Tim… dear, dear. Will we talk you through the subtlety of modern language? Embarrassing

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