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Check out Celtic’s fantastic home record in the Champions League

by Kevin Coleman

15 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss. The loss was against Barcelona.


(via Reddit)

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  1. vino says:


  2. charlie byron-grange says:

    shut up you dirty little smelly prick. up the rangers you fenian cunt

  3. Whatever Happened To Glasgow Rangers? says:

    Who is it Rangers are playing in the champions league next year? Dundee? Falkirk? Dumbarton?

  4. Whatever Happened To Glasgow Rangers? says:

    Shut up ya dick, the guy’s paying us a compliment! Mon the Hoops!

  5. Whatever Happened To Glasgow Rangers? says:

    Charlie Byron-Grange, how’s Sunday league treating the Ramsdens Cup winners 2013, oh sorry that’s right, you were soundly beaten and totally outplayed by the footballing giant that is Queen of the South, well played son! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! Simply Depressed!!!!

    Hope you’re enjoying watching us beating world record after world record while you slug it out with such footballing super heavyweights as Stranraer, Brechin City and Airdrieonians. Think you’ve found your level! :-D !

    Enjoy living in the shadow of the superior Glasgow football club you ridiculously stupid and narrow minded idiot.

    I bet you’re parents are so proud of you as you drag yourself out of bed, put on your beloved Rangers top – that’s still got the remnants of last night’s spaghetti hoops spilled down the front of it – and make your way through town to join the queue of your fellow Gers fans to chant ‘We are eh peepel’ every Wednesday morning as you sign on at the jobcentre safe in the knowledge that ok, I might be single – no surprise there- I might be excruciatingly ugly, brainless and simple minded but at least I’ve got my football club ! HAHAHA!

    Don’t get too down though as you watch your far superior Glasgow rivals further enhance our reputation as one of the biggest and best clubs in world football while you struggle through the amateur leagues because, after all, don’t forget you are the people!

    Glasgow Rangers = Pub Team

    Glasgow Celtic = Dream Team


    Oh yeah, nearly forgot, best of luck in the diddy cup final on April 6th ! Mon the Raith ! HAHA HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Just in case it is apparent to your slow, witless simple mind, I find your current situation highly amusing. Enjoy administration!

    One club in Glasgow!

    Hail Hail ! x

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