Celtic draw Arsenal in Europe

Celtic have tied Arsenal in the Champions League play-off draw this morning in Nyon.

The Scottish side overcame Dinamo Moscow during the week to set up the draw, where Arsenal will have home advantage in the first leg.

Meanwhile French giants Lyon will play Belgian side Anderlecht, and Italians Fiorentina will kick-off their first leg away to Sporting Lisbon.

The draw in full is:

Non-Champions Route:

  • Lyon – Anderlecht
  • Celtic – Arsenal
  • Timisoara – Stuttgart
  • Sporting – Fiorentina
  • Panathinaikos – Atletico Madrid

Champions Route:

  • Sheriff – Olympiakos
  • Salzburg – Maccabi Haifa
  • Ventspils – Zurich
  • Kobenhaven – APOEL
  • Levski – Debrecen

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Kevin Coleman

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4 thoughts on “Celtic draw Arsenal in Europe

  1. Is it just me who always feels like a conspiracy theorist after UEFA’s cup draws?

    They always seem to sway in favour of the big guns facing each other, which coincidentally would generate the highest TV revenues. Arsenal v Celtic was always going to happen. Arsenal v Timisoara ? When pigs fly.

    Just sayin’…

  2. Celtic are gonna be in even more financial trouble if they go out in the 3rd round. Looks like that minor miracle they pulled of a few days ago was for nothing.

  3. Ataturk – Celtic got €2.1m in prize money from that win against Dinamo.

    And what do you mean by “more financial trouble”? They’re one of the few teams in Britain earning a profit every year.

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