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Carragher says Liverpool can win the title, Neville can’t control his laughter

by Up Front

As Gary said, God must be punishing him by putting Liverpool top of the league the same season he started with Jamie Carragher.

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8 Responses

  1. patrick says:

    He wasn’t laughing because Jamie said Liverpool can win it.

  2. dbradley17 says:

    Liverpool have a better chance of winning it than ManU has of finishing in the top 4…now I’m laughing!

  3. John Calligan says:

    Edited like proper douche bags. He was laughing saying God is punishing him with Liverpool top and Carra in the studio. You fuckwits.

  4. Kitchee Boy says:

    I was laughing when I read the article of Gary’s father who admitted caressing a MILF tits.

  5. Tony says:

    Who care really what Gary thinks . Did any one really care when he played. No

  6. King Kong says:

    Carra + Neville are funny together. Neville later replied ‘its god’s way of punishing me with Carra sitting there and Liverpool sitting on top of the table’. Love this segment of the show with Carra and Neville.

  7. Jack says:

    Neville, at best, was just a decent footballer whereas Carragher was the world’s best hoofer of the ball.

  8. albey says:

    Just like Hanson said the mancs wouldn’t win anything with kids lets hope Neville laughing works out like Hansons

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