Building a dynasty

‘Give him time’ is probably the most over used phrase when talking about struggling managers, but with Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool, it couldn’t apply more. A testament to Sir Alex Ferguson’s success is he was given time, for all his success as Manchester United manager, it should be remembered that he won his first trophy at United four years into his tenure. Rumour has it, he would have been sacked if he never delivered the 1990 FA Cup. ┬áPressure has been up on Mancini in regards to the Champions League in recent weeks, but something well noted is that it took Sir Alex 13 years to bring home the Champions League.

A manager of ten years plus is incredibly rare in this day and age, Wenger and Ferguson are mangers that spring to mind instantaneously when thinking of long-reigning gaffers. Very few these days will ever come close, however it could be debated that Guardiola could have managed for over ten years at Barcelona. Arsene Wenger is a manager that has long been respected by the general football public, however recently since the beginning of Arsenal’s trophy drought. A suggestion of ‘pressure’ has come sneaking up, no more so this Premier League season in which the sale of Van Persie has turned Arsenal into a club incapable of mounting a title challenge. January shall be a critical month for Wenger, a new striker will be top of the bill. Of whom, needs to perform instantly.

Brendan Rodgers is highly capable of building a ‘dynasty’ comparable to that of Wenger and Ferguson, perhaps no trophy will be brought to Anfield any time soon. But, his clear footballing ethos makes it seem he could build a ‘new’ Liverpool. Already so early into his tenure, Liverpool are playing nice football, despite the League form being no better than Dalglish or Hodgson. The football is certainly more attractive on the eye, as it has been each game since the season began.

Liverpool have an array of youth talent that Rodgers has and will continue to take advantage of, Raheem Sterling who emerged this season already seems a players with the ability to lift the ballon d’or. Suso and Shelvey are others that are coming well into the frame, the two are guaranteed to be well capped international by the time their 30. Luis Suarez’s role has become more significant, practically taking the reigns as the Liverpool figurehead. The Uruguayan has without doubt, excelled under Rodgers and still 25 he has at least ten years left in him. Rumours have propped up that Manchester City could try their luck, however a move from Anfield in the ‘Rodgers revolution’ would to me, seem foolish.

Like Ferguson, Rodgers is rebuilding a side that perhaps is gulity of been too reminiscent of past glories. No league titles since 1990, definitely haunts the Liverpool fans. Rodgers hunger and seeming enthusiasm is reflected in his interviews. As well as his clear footballing intelligence in approaching management makes him more than capable to be included in the same list as Shankly and Paisley.

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James Cartwright

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  1. Don’t mean to be a pedant, but if you’re an aspiring journalist, you might want to emply a proofreader and/or spell checker! Despite this, I enjoyed the article!

  2. Good read James. As a Red, its interesting seeing an opinion like this come from a different perspective as a supporter of a different club.

    As for the typo’s don’t worry about those too much, you’re points came across very well.

  3. I was emailed this article by a friend who thought I may be interested in reading about Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool.

    Whilst I agree with many of the (obvious) points, the use of punctuation is shocking. What, is with the use, of, random, commas?

    if you’re truly an aspiring journalist, you need to sort that out. It makes the publication you’re representing seem amateur.

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