Brighton – Ready for the Premier League

by James Cartwright

Gustavo PoyetThe Championship has produced little class this season. Cardiff haven’t been renowned for playing brilliant football all season. While second place Hull have largely rode their luck, George Boyd has been the catalyst in their end of season form. Crystal Palace and Watford have been impressive on their day, but their day is infrequent. A side that does have the quality to bring into the Premier League is Brighton with a highly talented squad, and they are set for Premier League football.

In their recent victory over Middlesbrough they were a class above their opponent, playing what Alan Partridge would describe as ‘liquid football’. That was shown in their first goal, Andrea Orlandi finished a fine move as they swept away the opposition.Their class has flourished in recent weeks against Crystal Palace they exploited their opponents weak points as they won 3-0. They have also been one of the two sides to win at the Cardiff City Stadium as they commanded to a 2-0 victory back in February. After overcoming a baron spell in the middle of the season they have emerged as the best footballing side in the Championship.

Their squad is finely balanced, the defence has some steel in it with Matthew Upson producing some commanding performances alongside long serving player Adam El Abd and captain Gordon Greer. In the midfield Dean Hammond and Andrew Crofts bring stability. Their experiences at Southampton and Norwich has been vital for the Brighton cause. The midfield also has some energy to it, David Lopez, Vicente and Andrea Orlandi bring a very distinct Spanish edge to the squad. An effective edge that is also entertaining.

Brighton’s manager has perhaps proved himself as the best manager in the Championship, it is little wonder he is sought after greatly. He deserves credit for his dealing in the January window, Leonardo Ulloa has proved to be the ingredient to move the club forward. Largely unheard outside of Liga Adelante his goalscoring at Almeria hadn’t gone unnoticed by Gus Poyet and he signed the tall imposing striker for around £2 million. His impact has been instant, with eight goals thus far. He is the clinical striker they have been missing since the injury and loss of form of Craig Mackail Smith. Poyet described as adding an extra dimension to Brighton’s game:

We didn’t have the kind of player he is and his second goal especially showed his quality. He has timing, jumping and power.

He allows Brighton to play any which they like, a mixture of pressing and passing football. Along with an aerial game if necessary.

Brighton have long shown their intent for top tier football. The Amex Stadium is the finest stadium in the Championship with a healthy capacity of 27,500 and an average attendance of 25,705 it oozes ambition from the football club. First planned in the late 90s and opened in 2011, it embodies what Brighton has been waiting a long time for- Premier League football.

The end of the season will see Brighton look to cement their playoff position with games against Blackpool, Leeds and Wolves. It is not crazy to suggest they can get maximum points.

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  1. Scott McIntyre says:

    Hull City are an unfashionable club from up north, consequently have remained under the radar all-season..

    Football fans and media alike are oblivious to their progress this season, almost perplexed or annoyed that the club has won promotion almost without breaking into sweat..

    Yes, of course I’m biased.. but as a supporter since the 70s I am qualified to say that this current squad is easily the most talented I have seen. The quality & style of the football has been breathtaking at times.

    Robbie Brady, James Chester, Stephen Quinn and Ahmed Elmohamady have been our stand out players.. The squad has no weak links, all of them are footballers.

    I suggest promotion would have been achieved weeks ago, if the team had not been robbed of its goalscorers Sone Aluko and Matty Fryatt.

    As for the Premier League, this will be the clubs 3rd season out of six in the top-flight.. It holds no mystique for the manager, players or fans, we know whats coming.. none of it will come as a shock or surprise. The same cannot be said for Cardiff or Brighton.

    Leicester are my tip for the play-offs.

  2. James says:

    No mention of Bridcutt? One of the most consistent players in the league & in all probability Brighton’s player of the year.

    Ulloa has made the difference, had we had him since the start of the season, I suspect we would have turned some of those silly draws at home into wins.

    CMS has been out of form since he signed. He clearly isn’t a lone striker & I can’t really understand Poyet’s insistance in using him as one. He runs around alot but is ultimately a donkey.

  3. steve says:

    Finest ground, best manager, biggest fanbase, team playing the best football….amazing Brighton are not 20 points clear at the top isn’t it?

    Actually, if you take into account that almost all of the above is pretty baseless opinion rather than ‘fact’ then it is maybe a bit more understandable.
    ‘Fact’ is Cardiff and hopefully Hull City will be the teams to get into the Premiership this season.

  4. Paleface says:

    A great article, which explains precisely why Brighton are running away with the league title… oh wait.

  5. Xander says:

    FFP will hit Brighton hard? Not so sure about that.
    There are probably at least a dozen clubs with a higher wage bill, they have the highest average attendance in the league and have the most expensive season tickets. That sounds like a lot of money coming in to me.

  6. Polly13 says:

    2While second place Hull have largely rode their luck, George Boyd has been the catalyst in their end of season form. ”

    Our “end of season form” has been our worst spell of the season, and is the reason we’ve still not secured our automatic promotion spot, you muppet! Did you even research this, or just go on gut instinct?!!

  7. steve Richmond says:

    think you are a little presumptious, and with regards to Hull City, a tad disrespectful. The Tigers have played some of the best expansive and attacking footballl seen. Its just a pity that the televised games , which no doubt you are forming your opinion on, including against Brighton have not shown the mighty Tigers produce their best form.

  8. steve Richmond says:

    Not a good article and extremely bias in the least. Brighton were Hull City’s first opponents in this campaign, and an excellent championship game ensued. I am surprised therefore and equally disappointed of these comments. clearly made from an author misinformed. Only grtitude I can take is is the equal mis judgement of a fine tem club and team made by the national media whereby the great Hull C

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