BPF statement – Beware of inferior imitations

We would like to issue a statement this morning distancing ourselves from a website that is bearing our own website title within their domain name, backpagefootball.co.uk. 

The above website is actively inviting reader donations via a PayPal button featured on the site. In the faint possibility that anyone mistakes that website for ours, we would like assure everyone that we have not and will not ever look for reader donations to backpagefootball.com.

Since 2009, we have been a not-for-profit website offering fledgling writers and up-and-coming journalists a platform for their writing; giving them a place to hone their skills in the interest of launching their career. Many people that have written for backpagefootball.com have gone on to have successful careers in the industry with reputed publications and businesses.

To provide some background, the aforementioned website has been created by the users behind the @BackPage Twitter account, an account we first came into contact with in 2012. It was well established with a large follower base, but at the time appeared to have no website.

Note: Since publishing, the below tweets have been deleted by @BackPage.


The user behind the account asked us to sign our domain over, informing us that they had thought of the name ‘a few months ago’.


Backpagefootball.com was first registered in June of 2009, but as you can see the above tweets were sent in June 2012. We became aware that those at @BackPage had created a website late last year when it was operating under the domain name bpfootball.net. This domain was registered a year after our first correspondance in 2013.

At this stage, it is clear that the users behind the account were aware of our existence, but nonetheless chose to register a website bearing the handle of our Twitter and Facebook (bpfootball) accounts. This URL still redirects to their new domain.

This week we became aware that the creators had transferred their website to the domain name backpagefootball.co.uk, which was registered in January of this year. As this URL title is an exact copy of ours, bar a .co.uk registry, we felt compelled to issue this statement – distancing ourselves from this website for fear of any confusion occurring regarding their donation invitation.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so we’re by no means upset at the blatant and lazy attempt to piggyback our success; it is in fact a glowing complient. Here at BPF we will continue to provide an excellent platform for budding writers, a platform that has received praise from all over the world and is amongst the leading football websites on Irish soil. A platform which has won and been shortlisted for countless awards both at home and abroad.

Whichever site you want to write for is up to you and thanks for all the continued support of BackPageFootball.com.

The BPF team

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