BPF and SetantaBet

In an exciting new move for BackPageFootball.com, we have today inked a deal with SetantaBet for them to become the site’s major sponsor for the next 12 months.

What does that mean?

Well not an awful lot in terms of the look of the site. We’ll still have the right column ads that currently exist and will be putting in place a handy button that will take you through to the SetantaBet website.

Sponsorship of the Hold the BackPage podcast will now be courtesy of SetantaBet and not Setanta Sports as previous.

Other than that, we will have the occasional article with some specials and odds only available to BackPageFootball readers.

This sponsorship will of course benefit the site greatly in terms of its development over the next year with plans in place for a mobile version which will be coming your way soon.

One thing to note about BPF is that nobody involved makes a cent from it so any revenue generated from deals such as this goes straight back into the site for the likes of hosting, upgrades and prizes for our competitions.

Thanks to SetantaBet, we are now excellently placed to keep progressing onwards and upwards in 2012!


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