Benitez: “Chelsea didn’t deserve me”

In an interview with The Telegraph’s Oliver Brown, Rafael Benitez is leaving no Chelsea bridge standing as he says the London club didn’t deserve him when he replaced Andre Villas Boas as an interim manager.

The Champions League winning manager says he has kept up good relations with his other clubs, but Chelsea was a bit different.

“All through my career I felt I was really fortunate, because I kept very good relationships with my clubs – Tenerife, Estremadura, Valencia, Liverpool. Chelsea, though, brought a special set of circumstances.”

He goes on to compare his new Italian club Napoli to Liverpool, with a similar blue-collar fan base and a working team mentality.

“Here you can see from day one that the fans are excited. In terms of the passion for the game and the way people feel about the club, I think the two places are very similar.”

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Kevin Coleman

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2 thoughts on “Benitez: “Chelsea didn’t deserve me”

  1. Fat Spanish Waiter, Out of a job until he was offered a job at Chelsea. Non of us want him there, but hey we don’t choose the manager. We didn’t deserve him. Why did he take the job then? Because he was desperate to get back into managing, No one had wanted him before. What a dork.

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