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Ryan Popilchak

While I have a day job, what feels natural to me is to be fanatical about sports. I spend all my free time checking on injury reports, watching games, cursing lineups and predicting who will sign which players in the transfer period. I love to discuss sports, I’m fairly argumentative and I need a creative outlet. I hope you enjoy what you read, and feel inspired to passionately argue and debate your own points. I also write for my own blog and publish an Italian Football podcast called Pink Shirt Wise Guys at 0

The most effective forwards at the World Cup

by Ryan Popilchak

Inevitably, as we start to get excited about the World Cup being just around the corner, the arguments arise as to who will win the Golden Boot or score the nicest goal of the tournament.  For casual fans, the forwards are the focal point, as they are the face of the team, due to a […]


Italy’s Forwards: Who SOARed the highest?

by Ryan Popilchak

It’s a topic we all love discussing, and we all have different opinions about.  Some of us would rather see a pure poacher in the lineup while others believe that target men are the most effective and still more believe that a striker who plays well with the ball at his feet is essential. We […]

Sports News - February 12, 2009 2

Lippi’s Bias Leaves the Azzurri Living in the Past

by Ryan Popilchak

With the World Cup fast approaching, the national teams of the participating nations are eagerly anticipating the announcements of their final squads. Yesterday, Marcello Lippi announced his preliminary squad that will be attending a 3-day training session. Most Azzurri fans hold Lippi in very high regard, given that he delivered the World Cup title only […] 3

What’s wrong with Juventus?

by Ryan Popilchak

Unfortunately for the Old Lady, it hasn’t been a season to remember. After an offseason that made Tiger Woods look restrained, it appeared that Juventus had spent their way to the Scudetto. A team that had finished in 2nd place last season added Felipe Melo from Fiorentina and Diego from Werder Bremen. It only seemed […]