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Richard Walsh
World Cup 2010 Qualifying - France vs Lithuania 1

Big Fish, Little Fish

by Richard Walsh

Timing is everything. A perfect photo or a blurred mess, a hilarious joke or a fluffed gag, a defence-splitting pass or a ball bobbling hopelessly over the sideline. Such things depend on fractions of seconds, intervals so short the mind can’t contemplate. It is not a matter of technique nor of application; it is an […]

Hatem BEN ARFA 2

Plus ça Change

by Richard Walsh

It’s been a summer of discontent on the baking streets of Marseilles. For a time it looked as though the solid structure which had been slowly established at Olympique Marseille over the last decade was about to come apart in the kind of farcical implosion not seen since the heyday of Bernard Tapie in the […]