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Alan Robins
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World Cup Legends: Germany and Günter Netzer

by Alan Robins

There are players that are respected for their skill, commitment and hard work. There are players that are loved for their talent, artistry and skill. Then there is Günter Netzer. There is a sense that the cultural change of late sixties early seventies produced some of the greatest flair players football has seen. The freedom to […]

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World Cup Legends: Costa Rica and Errol Daniels

by Alan Robins

‘Don Gol’ – Jorge Errol Daniels Hibbert, was born May 1944 in Guácimo in the Limón Province of Costa Rica. Educated at Saint Francis College he was noted for his footballing ability, until in 1962 at the age of 18 he signed for Liga Deportiva Alajuelense alongside his brother Floyd. Initially in The Manudos youth […]

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World Cup Legends: Uruguay and Juan Alberto Schiaffino

by Alan Robins

Juan Alberto Schiaffino Villano, commonly known as ‘Pepe’ was born on the 28th Jul 1925 in Montevideo.  Growing up, Pepe would play football in the parks of Pocitos before joining the youth team of local neighbourhood team Palermo. Moves to Olympia and Nacional followed before at 18 years of age his brother – Raul – […]