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Adam Bate

The Back Three – Uruguay & Mexico Worlds Apart

by Adam Bate

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and day one of the World Cup showed that there is also more than one way to play a back three. Mexico and Uruguay both wake up this morning unbeaten in their opening games and both can count themselves a little fortunate. Mexico dominated possession against […] 0

Serbia – A newcomer with history

by Adam Bate

Technically 2010 is Serbia’s first time at the World Cup. New country, new beginnings? Well sort of. We can still use the past to help understand what may happen in the future, as Jonathan Wilson so brilliantly alludes to in Behind The Curtain: ”[Serbia:] self-doubt suppressing imagination and bringing to the surface the cynicism that has always underlain the technical excellence. […] 4

Tactics at the World Cup: A Look Back and Forth

by Adam Bate

When you think of the  World Cup what comes to mind? Maybe it is 1966 and all that, Pele’s near misses in ’70, the Hand of God in ’86? Maybe its Tardelli’s celebration or even Roger Milla’s. However, as well all the magical moments it is worth remembering that, traditionally, the World Cup is often a showcase for […]