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The Vuvuzela

by Brett Irvine

The vuvuzela has caused controversy this season, but Brett argues the local fan culture in South Africa would be lost without it. 0

Opinion: Spot on the Penalty

by Brett Irvine

There’s nothing in this world I hate to see more than a player diving. As has been said many times before me, it brings the game into disrepute; it’s ill mannered and is just plain cheating. Players do it in all forms, and whilst there is a supposed clamp down on simulation, it’s becoming more […]

Football - Liverpool v Manchester City Barclays Premier League 5

Skrtel and The Dagger

by Brett Irvine

Liverpool’s central defensive pairing is becoming a bit of a nightmare of late – I say this with all sincerity, as Rafa Benitez will struggle to choose a pair out of his 3 best. His rotation policy will become evident (and managing it more tricky) as we see him try to build a solid partnership […]

Sports News - February 17, 2009 1

Xabi Alonso – Real Galactico

by Brett Irvine

After much speculation and media frenzy, Xabi Alonso’s transfer to Real Madrid has finally been completed. Some suspect that Liverpool’s title hopes go with him, but I disagree – he will be sorely missed, no doubt, but it is a hole we can fill. He is certainly not easily replaceable, some might say irreplaceable, but […]