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 				Uruguay 0 France 0  1

Talking Points: Uruguay 0-0 France

by Kevyn Doran

1. Play it safe Now it may just have been Uruguay and France’s respective tactics, but there war far fewer “hollywood passes” in this game than there were in the opener between South Africa and Mexico. As a rule, both teams kept their passes short and simple which allowed them to hold on to possession […]


What Could Have Been: Denílson

by Kevyn Doran

Consistency. It’s not difficult to argue that it’s the backbone of football. The greatest managers in the world swear by it. “Consistency wins things, there’s no question about that.” Not my words, but those of Sir Alex Ferguson. If Fergie isn’t your cup of tea, then how about Arsene Wenger? He claims that “every game […]


Spot The Difference

by Kevyn Doran

….or How To Get Your Big Name Signing. Back Page Football takes a look at the eerie similarities between innocent “more than a club” Barcelona and Real “we step on puppies for fun” Madrid. Step 1. Get said transfer to announce his desire to remain at his current club. Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m no longer thinking of […]


What Could Have Been: Sebastian Deisler

by Kevyn Doran

As part of a new series, Back Page Football will be taking a look at the careers of some of football’s most talented individuals who, for one reason or another, have failed to fulfill their initial hype and expectations. First up is one time German playmaker Sebastian Deisler. If you happen to find yourself in […]