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Ronaldo: The Story of El Fenómeno

by Kevyn Doran

With all eyes on the vast array of superstars flaunting their skills in South Africa this summer, Back Page Football takes a fond look back over the career of the World Cup’s favourite son and all time leading goalscorer, Ronaldo.

 				 Honduras v Chile   			1

Talking Points: Honduras 0-1 Chile

by Kevyn Doran

1. That’s More Like It A tremendous display of relentless attacking football from Chile was just the breath of fresh air this tournament has needed. We’ve raved about Marcelo Bielsa’s tactics on BackPageFootball, which he slightly altered today. Instead of his famous 3-3-1-3, Bielsa went for a slightly more conservative 4-2-1-3. Given that, conservative is […]

 				 Brazil 2 North Korea 1   			2

Talking Points: Brazil 2-1 North Korea

by Kevyn Doran

1. Too much, Too soon Kudos to North Korea, they have won themselves millions of fans the world over with their performance against Brazil tonight. They defended with the steely discipline you expect from the Germans and Italians, against one of the ouright favourites in Brazil to win the World Cup this summer. A second-string […]


Brilliance or Bust for Bielsa’s Chile

by Kevyn Doran

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Okay, so that’s not the best way to open an article about a perennial World Cup underdog, but bear with me here. As you’re reading this article online, I’m going to assume you’re privy to the wicked ways of the world wide web. Therefore I won’t be […]

 				 Italy 1 Paraguay 1   			0

Talking Points: Italy 1-1 Paraguay

by Kevyn Doran

1. Wish you were here… How bad do Italy miss Francesco Totti? Not just Totti, but how bad do they miss Alessandro Del Piero and Robert Baggio? The age of the trequartista seems to be over in Italy with the former two approaching retirement, and with the only other real candidate in Antonio Cassano being […]

 				Holland 2 Denmark 0  			2

Talking Points: Holland 2-0 Denmark

by Kevyn Doran

1. Time for Plan….A? I wasn’t overly impressed with Holland today. Granted, they were missing their star man in Arjen Robben, but their lack of a contingency plan in his absence puzzled me more than anything. Rafael Van Der Vaart was brought in initially as a direct replacement, but it’s been nearly 10 years since […]

 				Germany v Australia  			1

Talking Points: Germany 4-0 Australia

by Kevyn Doran

1. Özil Rules The tabloid headlines tomorrow will be full of Oz puns, but they won’t be referring to Australia. Mesut Özil delivered upon the hype that has surrounded him in South Africa following a stellar season for Werder Bremen. Özil plundered his way to a man of the match performance on the right hand […]

 				Serbia 0 Ghana 1  			1

Talking Points: Serbia 0-1 Ghana

by Kevyn Doran

1. Nil   A lot of people were predicting this game to be the first goal-fest of the 2010 World Cup, but look at Ghana’s recent competitive record, and you’ll find this result popping up a lot. In the 17 matches they have played in both qualifying and the 2010 African Cup of Nations, seven […]

 				England v USA  			4

Talking Points: England 1-1 USA

by Kevyn Doran

1. The Curse That Won’t Go Away Another game, another English goalkeeping horror. Poor Rob Green. He was given the ultimate vote of confidence starting ahead of David James and Joe Hart, and he goes and….does that. Can we blame the Jubilani football? Not at all, just a silly error and lapse of concentration from Rob […]

 				Argentina 1 Nigeria 0  0

Talking Points: Argentina 1-0 Nigeria

by Kevyn Doran

1. Cometh the Hour… Cometh the man. The world was watching as Lionel Messi took the pitch in Johannesburg today, and the little wonder did not disappoint. Messi was at the centre of almost everything Argentina did going forward, and his personal duel with Nigeria ‘keeper Vincent Enyeama was a delight to watch. Granted, Messi did not […]