Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere pictured smoking in Las Vegas

The England midfielder was previously brought up on his smoking when caught puffing in London last October. Now he faces the wrath of fans again after being pictured smoking while living it up in Las Vegas.

Joe Hart was also amongst the revelers after England’s early World Cup exit.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere pictured smoking in Las Vegas

  1. Business as usual for Jack Wilshere… Over rated player and spoil little sh*t of English football who will achieve nothing tangible… Wenger seems to be recruiting some serious “hardware” this time… And the poor little boy does not realise that he is getting further away from the first team… He is not good enough anyway! Nothing surprising… Typical English player who will end up regretting it…!!

  2. Hard partying….. that’s what your late teens and early twenties are all about right??…. Looks like our boy Jack wants to have the best of both worlds….like Royals,
    My concern is that if he does not achieve great stats in the next couple of years, everybody will refer to these scenes. However, the English season is brutal, the pace relentless and with no winter break. Hopefully there is no cause for alarm ….the kid needs to unwind

  3. That’s not Jack, his left arm is covered in tattoos and mainly one of his sons guardian angel, he’s got none in these pictures.

  4. Jack Wilshere, You have the right to party… however anything you say or do during those parties CAN and WILL be used against you in the Court of Public Opinion.. You have the right to defend yourself… but if your are too sloshed to do so, Members of the Public shall comment in on your behaviour through blogs like this one….Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you? …Jack..Jack…Jack….. damn! he fell asleep already….

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