Arsenal: Why David Moyes is not the answer

David MoyesAs the final whistle was blown last Tuesday in the match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich the disgruntled Gunners fans let boos ring out around the Emirates Stadium.

The fans aren’t happy and the voices of discontent have started looking for a new direction.

It is going on eight years since Wenger and Arsenal last lifted trophy and that is a bone of contention for the faithful. They see a club that not so long ago topped the league after going through a season unbeaten struggle badly. ‘The Invincibles’ consisted of a who’s who of Arsenal heroes whereas the current crop consist more of a who’s who of Arsenal duds.

In England, when a manager struggles the conversation turns to whether he can hold on to his job. Arsenal looks at Arsene Wenger as a god however, an untouchable, because of what he has achieved with the North London giant.

In saying this it doesn’t stop a few fans speaking up and out, which is okay, about the state of affairs. Some have begun acting as an impromptu board of directors and drew up a list of potential successors led by the outspoken television presenter, Piers Morgan.  

This is a list of a who’s who of football managers, as is always the case with a Premiership club.

Now it’s important to look at this list with a critical eye as well, after all they will be replacing the man who rejuvenated the image of the club.

The list consists of Jose Mourinho (no chance), Jürgen Klopp (Dortmund’s Wenger so no way he’ll go yet), and one other leading contender – Everton’s David Moyes.

The Scotsman has been managing in England since 1998 where he took over Preston North End and his stint there drew the attention of Everton who he took over in 2003.

Moyes has done a very good job but his history is as follows at Everton:

  • Ten years
  • No trophies, none, zilch, nada!
  • Selling his best players
  • Paying big wages to players


Sound familiar?

When changing the manager at a club, like in any walk of life, you must take into account what you are replacing him with. I was reading an Everton fan forum while doing this article where they were discussing the rumour around Moyes to Arsenal.

One poster said “I hope this is true because it will take Arsenal further away from the Top 4”.

An Everton fan, or at least someone who contributes to an Everton forum, with an opinion like that is eye opening if nothing else.

Comparing Moyes and Wenger there is pointers and yardsticks that need to be considered. Everton are a club that have spent similarly to Arsenal so when you compare the two you can see the better manager.

Everton are not hamstrung by any means, they are a club who have spent big and have lost big name players because they see bigger things elsewhere. Moyes has overseen that.

He spent big on Leighton Baines, Marouane Fellaini, Nikica Jelavic, Kevin Mirallas, Dimitar Bilyaletdinov and Steven Pienaar.

They have never utilised the class that they possess to really make the waves that the English media would have you believe they have done.

Another pointer, top 4 finishes. Wenger has finished in the top 4 every season that he has been at the Arsenal while Moyes…? Once!

If that doesn’t convince you then how about league finishes, how many times has Moyes finished above Wenger? He has never done that.

For Wenger, the questions still remain over his long term future with Arsenal. Whether he wants to stay with the club that he has rejuvenated is for another day, another article.

Let’s get one thing straight though on Moyes – he is not the answer.

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Pearse Corcoran

2 thoughts on “Arsenal: Why David Moyes is not the answer

  1. Utd, City & Chelsea are on a different level when it comes to spending power.. which means that realistically all other teams are competing for 4th place.

    Arsenal’s recent record of 3rds & 4ths effectively makes them the best of the rest, consistently finishing higher than bigger spending Liverpool.

    Of course its not impossible for teams on smaller budgets to finish 1st or 2nd but its certainly much more difficult.

  2. Everton are not hamstrung? Besides having been continually around £50 million in debt for most of the last decade and the bank withdrawing their overdraft in summer 2011 and forcing them to sell £20 million worth of players, how do you consider them not hamstrung? Arsenal spend since 2002 £259.1 million. Everton spend in same time £139.35 million. In the same period have have a net spend of £1.7 million on transfers per year only spending what they can afford having sold players to stay afloat, while Arsenal have actually made a profit of around £15 million from transfers alone in the decade mostly from the players like RVP and Fabregas who have jumped ship because they see the club’s ambition and potential on the wane. What have Arsenal achieved since 2005 that Everton haven’t? Trophies? No. Chapmions League qualification?Yes. What good has it done them if silverware is the aim? None. While Moyes is not perfect, one thing he would bring Arsenal is a backbone. And everytime i hear Gunners fans on radio/tv/online etc they moan about their lack of strength and pragmatism. There would have to be compromise on the flair aspect of their game if Moyes or someone like him became boss but how long will Arsenal fans be happy with a nice day out at their shiny new stadium, watching some nice sideways passing, while watching the likes of Man U, Man C and Chelsea waltz off with the trophies? For the last 10 years Everton have overachieved and Arsenal? You can fill in the rest……

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