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Ajax site says Christian Eriksen is signing for Liverpool. He’s not.

by Kevin Coleman

First rule of transfer reporting: do not wrongly break a story to Liverpool fans. Just don’t.

In a similar vein to a lowly ESPN journalist who’s name we now forget, an Ajax website was quick to report that a player was joining Liverpool. The journalist quickly backtracked on his claim (which happened to be Luis Suarez, but six months before he actually signed), but not before the damage was done and the abuse started.

Today, Ajax blog Ajax Schare committed a similar faux pas. It wasn’t long before hundreds of Liverpool fans were on their case, looking to confirm this story. Some took it as fact. It wasn’t.

The site has since backtracked, apologising for their mistake, and Liverpool fans return to their prayer vigils of signing Anzhi’s Willian.

@ajaxschare: BREAKING! | Eriksen voor 20 miljoen naar Liverpool de clubs zijn er uit #ajaxschare