adidas #Unleash deadly with the new Predators

adidas’ highly anticipated 12th version of the Predator boot has eclipsed all expectations.

At first, the boots are a world away from the classic red and black that you would associate with the Predator brand, but the new version takes boot technology to a whole new level.┬áThe Predator Lethal Zones features five different zones to produce five different levlels of performance, be it close control, power or accuracy – these, unlike other boots which tended to concentrate on one particular feature, covers you in all areas of the game.

Advised by the best of the best, including Barcelona’s Xavi and Arsenal’s Robin van Persie, adidas have delivered impressively in creating one of the best all-round football boots in honing your play from that cross-field pass, to the silky close control to glide past your opponent. And it’s all literally on the boot.

  • The First Touch zone: a column of recessed ribs on the tip of the boot to cushion the ball accurately
  • The Dribble zone: engineered to increase grip during high-speed ball control, the rubber ribs on the instep ensure minimal contact surface area during dribbling
  • The Sweet Spot: a rubber layer on the outside-toe of the boot to increase spin and generate extra power on shooting and passing
  • The Drive zone: the largest ‘zone’ of the boot, thicker rubber ribs to ensure an accurate long range pass each and every time with crisp power and maximum propulsion
  • The Pass zone: a memory foamed panel on the inside of the boot allows longer control on the ball with unparalleled consistency in your passing game
All features are exampled beginning with the Drive Zone here.

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