27 things to do on June 27

It had to happen eventually. After wall-to-wall football for the past two weeks or so, we have finally gotten to Friday, June 27, the first day of the World Cup without any games.

Fear not, BackPageFootball has you covered with a list of 27 things to get you through what will no doubt be a very trying day for fans across the globe.

  1. Open the curtains. If you’re in Europe it’s summer so embrace a bit of natural light and prevent the onset of jaundice.
  2. Reacquaint yourself with your boyfriend or girlfriend (if you have one). The tournament kicked off on June 11 and it’s highly unlikely that you have been paying them much attention since. You can probably remove that line of spray from in front of the television too. Put it back tomorrow though.
  3. Catch up on your favourite non-football related television shows, apparently shitloads has happened in Game of Thrones. Like you though, we wouldn’t know.
  4. Get a few mates together for a kickabout. Your legs probably need stretching so grab a ball and organise a game of heads and volleys. Ok, you’ll probably try and fail miserably to recreate Tim Cahill’s strike against the Dutch and that Robin van Persie diving header but at least you’re getting some fresh air.
  5. Play some FIFA, either online or with the lads.
  6. Catch up on all the latest club-related transfer news. Apparently Bacary Sagna joined Manchester City and Manchester United actually signed a decent central midfielder. Who knew?
  7. Or perhaps create your own transfer news with one mammoth 18 hour non-stop Football Manager session – AFC Wimbledon to the Champions League, easy.
  8. The halfway point is the perfect moment to take stock of your own pre-tournamant predictions, or perhaps see how BPF’s very own World Cup oracles are fairing.
  9. Also we want your teams of the tournament so far – best, worst, foulest, whatever. Tweet them to us and we’ll share the best ones!
  10. Get some sleep. Those 11pm kick-offs were a bit special, and who could forget Japan v Ivory Coast…but they’ve taken their toll.
  11. There have been some surprise names in the knock-out stages – Nigeria, Costa Rica, Greece – why not dust off your World Cup preview for some stats and info that’ll impress your mates.
  12. A World Cup wall chart is not just for the week before the tournament starts – it’s for life. Give yours the care it deserves by crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.
  13. Eat some fruit. That bending of the knee you’ve delightfully termed “World Cup Legs” is actually the early stage scurvy – time to put down the Pringles and have an orange or something.
  14. ITV’s World Cup coverage has been roundly panned – but there’s no denying their theme tune is an absolutely glorious track – why not spend the day learning all the lyrics?
  15. Speaking of TV – RTÉ’s World Cup coverage has swayed from the ridiculous to the sublime, much like Dunphy after his afternoon ‘eye-opener’ – YouTube is your goldmine – including this gem.
  16. Cleaning the house might not seem like anyone’s idea of fun, least of all yours, but a quick dust of the flatscreen and perhaps hoovering the couch will do wonders.
  17. Stick a wash on. It’s been 15 days of football and at this stage you’ve probably run out of clean boxers and socks. That Germany/Belgium/Argentina/Brazil/whatever jersey you bought before the tournament stinks as well.
  18. Listen to a few podcasts. There’s some super material out there from all the usual suspects so pass a few hours by indulging in their opinions.
  19. Troll the internet. Between Twitter and the various football forums, there’s plenty of soft targets for you to channel your inner Wind Up Merchant. Bait your hook and cast that line.
  20. If you are on Twitter get involved – some superb comment, insight and jokes going on – and yes we’re there, and yes you should follow us.
  21. Ring your mum – it’s been ages.
  22. YouTube is your friend – why not go all misty eyed reliving all the goals from the last World Cup, 1998 or Italia ’90?!
  23. Go to a game. If you’re in Ireland, for example, there’s almost a full programme of League of Ireland action on Friday so give your local club some support for the evening.
  24. Go shopping, wait! No, really! A lot of the World Cup paraphernalia – kits for example – get put on the reduced aisle around the knockout stage, so why not pick up a Holland shirt nice and cheap?!
  25. Watch the highlights of the group stages. The 2014 World Cup has been brilliant so enjoying the best bits from the 48 matches so far will get you well up for the knockout stages.
  26. If you haven’t done so already, familiarise yourself with our drinking game. There’s only 16 games left for you reap the benefits from it. And by benefits we mean a next morning hangover.
  27. Read all of the great articles on BackPageFootball.com. You probably already do that though…right?

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